Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can you smell what the Crone is cooking?

No you can't. Cuz she ain't cookin' jack. Tough to cook when you're dead.

Short version of the story: mmmmmm Legacy

Medium version of the story: My GF decided to see what this raiding stuff is all about and so we sat huddled around the laptops (one for wow, one for wiki), with two sets of headphones plugged into the dual audio jacks (cuz the laptop speakers suck more than they blow)...yadda yadda yadda...lots of cheering, and I say...

Sweet, LEGACY. That's the second best hunter weapon available my stage of the game!!! Even BRK was using it until a week ago.

Really? That's great. I'm soooo happy for you. Good Job baby.

Eh. I've already got the best one. lol.

You j@ck@ss.


And why is everybody taking off their clothes?

Long version of the story:

We start off on monday night, knowing this is our last chance at the Opera event before the reboot on tuesday. We're scheduled to start at 9:00pm server time, and the GM scheduled a guild meeting for 11:00pm.

Our full Team 1 all showed up for the first time in a while. Of course, this caused major drama to subs. Including, but not limited to, one guy actually threatening to /gquit if he wasn't let into the raid immediately. Um? Ultimatium much? Much too much. I'm a carebear at heart, overly patient with people who show (A) a positive attitude, and (B) a willingness to admit that they're not perfect and they want to improve.

But when faced with ultimatum? In a f-ing video game? Smell u later. Called his bluff. He didn't quit, so who knows where that one's going go to. And that wasn't the only drama going on for the night.

Back in Kara, ain't no drama. Just a slaughter.

First a slaughter of us. Couple times.

Our Raid Leader and big DPS contributor was having giant connection problems. DC'd 50 times. Best was when Barnes started off his little schpiel for the first attempt, and warlock DC's. Luckily the intro is long, so there was enough time for him to get back on before the fight started, but we wiped.

A couple times.

Then we switched up the plan a bit. Kara really is seeming like you need two real tanks and a third hybrid who is capable of tanking as needed. Well, we didn't have that third tanking person. Closest thing was our Holy Paladin, but having him on tank duty limited his healing ability which was not good for us.

With three minutes until the Guild Meeting was scheduled to start, we switched up and went with this strategy:

1) Everybody on Dorothee to start. Blow all DPS cooldowns fast. She must die. As adds become active, each person would peel off to pick up their assignment.

2) Roar gets chain feared by the Warlock. This worked perfectly. Well, not perfectly, as he was slow on the draw on one re-fear and a holy priest got one-shot. But other than that, perfectly.

3) Prot warrior takes Tinhead. Once sufficient threat is built up, just kite him around for hte rest of the fight. Warrior doesn't take any damage during this part, so that really helps the healers out.

4) Rogue tanks/dodges Tito. Lots of heals needed. Some nice fancy footwork by the rogue kept Tito occupied until Dorothee was dead.

5) Prot warrior takes Strawman. Once he's dead, warrior switches to the formerly chain feared Roar.

Killed Dorothee, Tito, Strawman, Roar, then Tinhead.

At the start of the Crone, we had all team members alive 'cept for one holy priest, leaving us with a remaining holy priest and paladin.

We entered this part of the fight in good enough shape that it was easy peasy. Tank / spank / avoid the cyclone.

Right as she died, I did get scooped up in the Cyclone. Kinda fun to be up in the air, looking at a corpse.

And then the Warlock & Raid Leader disconnects. :-(


Always scary at this point, especially because he didn't run with Master Loot on.

But its a good bunch of non-ninjas, so 'lock reconnects, and loot, and my Legacy drops. Cool stuff. I asked the group if they minded if I take it, knowing I won't really equip it, just because it was one of the best weapons for quite some time. They're all cool, so I gots me some Legacy. And two more badges.

What fun to show up to the guild meeting fresh off that Guild first Opera kill!!!


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