Thursday, March 6, 2008

One, two, tres, quatro

When it all comes together, its a beautiful thing.


Tuesday means a fresh karazhan instance.

The plan was to hit up Attumen and Moroes. This is the first week that we have reasonable expectations to take down both bosses in one night. Moroes is not exactly on farm status, but we're getting better and killing him more reliably.

We've also been having some issues with raid scheduling. The RL has been putting up a kara run basically every night of the week. If a minimum of 7 from Team 1 are on and willing to run, we try to make a go of it. If less than 7 are willing and able, we call it.

This is hugely taxing on Real Life, as you never really know when you're gonna run and so you get out of balance always trying to make yourself available.

On Monday night I brought the concept up to the group and several team members agreed that two "mandatory" nights and one "optional" night would be ideal.

To make that more successful, we also discussed that using our raid time more efficiently would be a great idea. Little things like pushing the pace on trash in Attumen's stables. Sure, it would be great if everybody had full mana at the start of each pull, but until we get to the last two pulls that're 5-mob pulls, we can handle it easily, so push onwards.

Little things like once we engage some trash and start the respawn timer for a given section, no breaks until we've cleared it. We haven't really followed this policy and that's caused us to have fewer boss attempts due to respawns.

Tuesday night was a new raid ID, with a specific 2-boss goal, and special attention to efficiency.

Attumen. Sure, a one shot, but nothing new there. He did drop me a Steelhawk Crossbow. Not sure if I'm going to equip it over my Crystalline Crossbow, but I suppose I'll just hold my breath until BRK releases his third installment of the lvl 70 ranged weapon analysis - crossbows, which is here in perfect timing (and given my unorthodox writing/posting style, who knows, maybe the xbow comparison will aready be up by the time this hits the press). Does make me laugh that this might represent my third Stabilized Eternium Scope in a little over a week. Lol, those puppies go for about 400g unless you farm the mats yourself. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'll have the time to farm all the eternium needed, and I've only got 4 Fel Steel Bars out of 12 that're needed.

Moroes. Took a few wipes, but we nailed him. Having two Holy Priests for shackles and heals, plus a Holy Paladin who tanked the two female dinner guests and then healed through Garrotes, was awesome. We were unsure of how successful the pally would be at tanking them, but he just fine. I continue to remain un-garroted since I feign during the vanishes. It was great to see that the core Team 1 can do this event without any subs. We've always done it with 2 healers only and a hybrid DPS-spec'd class in tanking gear do the tanking of the guest.

We were pushing fast (at least fast for us) through the trash, so it was about an hour and a half, and our first Attumen/Moroes kill in the same night.

Man, its early, what's next?


Continuing at our increased pace, we cleared over to the Maiden.

Wiped on her a couple times. Hmm? What's the deal? Priests keep dying. Re-position, and work out a better communication scheme. As Repentence is coming, both priests would renew on the main tank for the Heal over Time. Holy Paladin had Blessing of Sacrifice on the main tank so he'd wake up immediately and heal the MT through the repentence. Then the MT would kite Maiden over to one of the priests who would wake up from consecrate damage and get ready to dispel holy fires. Worked like a beauty.

Holy S. Our first three boss night. And its about 2.5 hours from the start.

Ok, we all want reputation as only one of us is Exalted with Violet Eye, and Amava's only Honored, so rep is king.

Lets clear over to Opera so we can see waht event it is and everyone can read up and prepare for the Opera fight tomorrow.

Wham wham wham through the trash in the pit and backstage area.

We all vote that by default, we will always make the Rogue strip and test the water to see what event it is, just as revenge for BG's. ROGUES!!!!

Big Bad Wolf.

We've only been here once, and it was The Crone.

Ok, cool. Holy Paladin's got to go. Mage starts to open a portal to Shatt.

Wait a sec. Amava puts on her motivational speaker hat and indicates that its been just a smidge under 3 hours and we're ready to call it quits.

Why not one more wipe, lets try the event out, just so that when we all research it, it'll be a bit more concrete and make a little more sense.

Ok, Holy Pally agrees to stay for one try.

I call out a quick overview of the fight as described on WoW Wiki.

Pretty straight forward. When you turn into a little red girl, run like the dickens in a giant square. Rogues vanish, Hunters FD. Otherwise, pew pew pew, heal heal heal.

I got nabbed with the Hood Debuff. Feigned Death. Worked like a charm.

He ate one of our holy priests.

That's it. Dead wolf. One shot on our first time in.

Holy Pally was d@mn glad he stayed for one try.

1 Night, 4 Bosses, 7 Badges. Guild first.

And now we've got a full week to see what the Curator is all about. And beyond? (lifts pinky to lip a'la Dr. Evil)

Ok, I gotta go read up on Curator fight for tonight's raid.

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