Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amava Doesn't Know Greenies

Saturday, Eye of the Storm honor weekend. Alliance was on a tear. Won a game or two in a row. Called out on gchat to see if anybody else was playing. Two others in EotS, saying same thing. Horde was just outtie, smokin or something. Just kept winning and winning, fast. Spent a little time, got a lot of honor. I've got no shame 'bout acceptin' welfare.

Sunday morning. Honor in hand, I ride off to the BG vendor in Stormwind. Oops, noob, you left your EotS tickets in the bank. Quick trot past the gold spammers in the central square of SWC, and my last piece of green gear is now in the bank, and Amava is 67% blue and 33% purple. My kingdom for a purple belt with +hit rating, but I digress.

Sunday night, anxious to try out my new boots on something besides other players in BG and mobs in the Netherwing Mines, I hearth to shatt, fill up my raid bag and get my fancy arrows and head off to Deadwind Pass. Raid was starting late, so in spiteful protest, I rode my Swift Mist Saber from Stormwind through Westfall and over Duskwood and into the zone. I showed them, eh???

Either way, after a small delay in getting the raid off the ground, we set into the back door. Not the back door I talked about a week or so ago. That one is the stairs up to Moroes, the back way out of the Stables. This backdoor is the one you gotta leave the dungeon, cross the river, then run up the giant wooden fire escape.

Clear a couple pieces of trashy trash. Including some uber annoying AoE packs of what look to be air snakes. I say uber annoying because I'm next to useless on packs like that. I just sit there plinking away at 1 target or 3 targets on every multi- cooldown. Meantime the mages and warlock are just frying the piles and piles of air snakes into the ground. Ok, have your fun. For now.

My first look at the Curator.

Fun little guy, a nice mix of automated technology in this ancient feeling instance.

From what I read on WoWWiki, this is a pretty basic fight. Kill Astral Flares quickly. When Curator evocates, send as much damage his way as you possibly can. Then switch back to Flares. Use the macro to make target switching easier. Bring lots of mana pots, mana oils, desensitizing creams, and other such longevity aids, as this fight will be substantially longer than you're accustomed to.

Basically a gear check for the raid. You need sufficient DPS to burn him down in 10 minutes, or its a wipe. You need a matching amount of tank health and healer healery to last for as long as your DPS jokers take. No real tricks to the encounter, other than being able to target the Astral Flares ASAP, and a tiny bit of raid spacing and positioning to limit chaining of damage.

My team had run this fight on Thursday, but it was a RL night for me, so I was absent. They had gotten him down to 62%. Full honesty here. I'd like to say "oh that's too bad, i wish you guys had gotten him down". But we're all about being real here over at Amava Knows Aggro, because Amava also knows spite, envy, and a handfull of other deadly sins. That said, I really do like the group, and truely would have been happy for them if they did kill him, but I'd hate to miss out on a guild first kill. Moot point anyways, and curator still stands. Don't judge me, you know you think the same way.

Ok, start off with my targeting macro. I'm a software development guy by trade, so I am always very suspicious of untested code or scripting. This macro was typed in by hand from the WoWWiki page. I've visually inspected it 3 times, and it looks good. Only way to test it is in combat.

We start off the event with the raid leader explaining it. Basic enough, his description matches what I've got in my head from reading wiki.

Then they start handing out some Arcane Resist Potions.

I became a total noob. I've never really used stuff like that and I just completely drew a blank. Royal brainfart. What, you mean you drink it? Like right now? Or during the fight? or when I take damage like a health potion? STFU noob, we'll tell you when to drink it. Um? ok.

Knowing this was an endurance fight, I ask if its a shared cooldown with other potions, such as, oh I dunno, Super Mana Potion? I'm pretty sure I'll be drinking those aplenty.

So now they're looking at me like I bought my toon off ebay. Who brought the new guy?

Either way, I say sure, I'll drink the stupid thing, but you'll never hear the end of it if I can't drink a mana pot when I want to.

Start the fight, burn some mana, throw a funny remark out there on vent when I can't drink quite when I want to.

Pew pew pew. Pew pew pew. Pew pew pe.... Damn, 2% wipe. Tried to kite him, but lol, immune to Arcane Shot.

Lots of chatter about "this is going much better than on thursday". I'll bet ;-)

Ok, we made a little switch in routine and had me stay on the last astral flare till its dead. Our original strat had me switching to Curator instantly upon evocation and allow a couple others fry the last flare. I think that took a bit too long and had our hands full.

This time, I'll show you where you can stick your Arcane Resist potion. I'ma gonna drink my first Super Mana Potion roughly one minute into the fight, and I dont want your silly drinks interfering with my beautiful beautiful mana supply. Just trust me, team, I'm not making this stuff up.

Pew pew pew. Pew pew pew. Pew pew peW!!!!!! 6 minutes and 52 seconds. Dead boss. 'Nuther guild first.

What's the immediate question upon dead boss? Phat Lewts!!!! What'd he drop? What'd he drop?

Mmmmmmm Garona's Signet Ring and Gloves of the Fallen Hero. That's right, out of his whole loot table, he drops the two things I want. Ding.

Oh, wait. What's that? How do Tier 4 tokens work? You mean its not just hunter loot? :-( Ok, so warlock and mage and mage get to roll also. No phat lewtz. Gratz on you.

But wait, there's the ring. Sweet, lemme try that puppy on. Oh, that's right. We subbed in a feral Druid. No phat lewtz. Gratz on you.

Granted, that'll probably be the last time he ever drops the signet for me, but oh well. I'm pretty happy with my gear. And 2 more badges, baby.

After logging out, I run the WWS report, and I got something that made me happier than epics......


Yepperz. Broke the 1,000 DPS barrier over nearly 7 minutes of MQoSRDPS. w00t

Time to read up on the Chess Event.

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Chorius said...

Volley! You have AOE! :-) albeit, not that great, and on a huge cooldown. I also usually let others grab aggro and then drop an explosive trap in the middle of the group.