Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Both me and Google Reader are going crazy, maybe just a little bit.

I could have sworn I remembered writing up, either in its own post, or maybe just a footnote in some larger post, a qq session about how many times I'd completed the Daily Cooking Quest in Shatt City at level 70, without ever getting the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe. Hell, I even remember somebody commenting that they had a similar experience (see, when you get the massive number of comments that I do, comments have a tendency to stand out. I'd like to see BRK say that with a straight face, fer'schizel). But I can't find it, via manually scanning, searching via Google, and looking through my collection of un-posted articles. But whatever.

So, here I am, months ago, doing the Shatt cooking daily daily. And get all the nice stuff they like to reward you for doing that. But never the recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake. And slowly over time, I give up hope, and just randomly do the quest as suits my fancy.

Then they roll out a damn achievement for cooking DCC.

So I revamp my efforts and start doing the Shatt cooking daily nearly daily.

But I've still got no cake.

Then, last night, upon completing my second Northrend cooking daily, lo and behold, what's in the reward bag?

The recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake.

Yummy yum.

Edit: so, after writing my hugely interesting and insightful opening paragraph, I decided to try the actual Google web search, rather than Google Reader search. "amava cake" did the trick and landed me this gem of a story.

Edit of Edit: wtf? After finding the link on Google web search, I went back into Google Reader, and it can't find the article at all. What gives? I'll have to try the Google link out when I'm out from behind the firewall. Who knows, maybe there'll be an Edit of the Edit of the Edit by the time this hits the presses.

Addendum to Edit of Edit: See? Its there! And there's not one but rather three comments on the post. I'm not crazy. At least not in that way.

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