Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weapon Skills

For fun, I decided to level up some weapon skills.

Absolutely no reason to do this. Well, two achievements, but that's not really a reason.

For a level 80 Hunter, make sure your ranged weapon skill is 400 so that you have a lower chance to miss. For the ranged weapon you are currently sporting, just go out and do your normal thing, whether that's questing, grinding mobs, running dungeons or whatever. You'll ding 400 soon enough.

For the other ranged wep skills, consider taking a quest reward weapon that you would never think of bringing to a raid. But you take the bow from the quest, and wear it for a little while doing dailies or protecting yourself while gathering, and next thing you know, you ding 400 and can put it away and bring out your fancy crossbow that is your real weapon.

But what about melee?

In the past, the only real thing that I considered melee weapon skill for was Wing Clip.

Your chance to miss a Wing Clip used to be based off of your skill with whatever melee weapon you were carrying.

But I think they changed that in 3.0.2. Wing Clip doesn't do any damage any more, has nothing to do with a melee weapon, and I think has either 0 chance to miss, or a baked in 1% or something stupid like that.

Bottom line, if you want your melee weapon skills to level up, you've got to become the horror of all those who look down their noses at Huntards.

You've got to Melee.

Spent most of Sunday's playtime in melee range.

2H Axes, which had me hauling the S3 axe out of storage. This thing swings so slowly. That last point, just sitting at 399, took forever. But, it dinged, and I happily put the axe away.

And the 2H axe put me at 4 weapon skills at 400, dinging the achievement for 4 weps maxed out (1H Sword, Crossbow, and Bow are the other 3).

Then it was time for some 30's style bare knuckles boxing. Laughed on and on as the animation looked like I was punching the mobs in the groin over and over if I stood slightly off to the side of them instead of directly behind them. Slowly but surely, reached 400 and got the Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich achievement, which is hysterical.

Daggers. Grabbed a dagger quest reward, and also a grey vendor trash dagger that dropped off of some mob I was questing on. Eventually found myself back in Dalaran and wiped the dust off of a Zul'Aman dagger that I took because nobody wanted it and I was considering putting together a dual wield haste set of weps. Nah, haste back then meant a BM would clip her autoshots, so never happened.

By the time I was done with my dailies Monday morning, Daggers were at 398.

QUESTION: how the F do you max out Thrown weapon skill? I couldn't even get it to throw a single time, so I must be stupid or something. This remains at skill level of one (1).

Still have a variety of weps to level, so if you see a Night Elf Chick Hunter on Ner'zhul pretending to be a Rogue standing right behind a mob that her gorilla is tanking, maybe think for a second before you label her as a Huntard, she might be there for a reason.

The astute observer might notice that I didn't max out guns. Yeah. The whole ammo pouch thing. Where the hell am I going to put my quiver in the meantime, unless I want to (A) clear out a whole bank bag to make a spot for a full quiver, or (B) wait until my arrow supply is low and sell off the remaining stacks and store the empty quiver in a normal bank spot. Yeah, no thanks for now. I'll stick to melee.


Zuluki said...

Woot! gratz on the Weapons leveling. I've been eyeing a couple of polearms in the AH to level for myself recently. I know that the target dummies help but I have no idea how long it takes to completely or reasonably level up a weapon on these things. :S

And regarding your PVP post below. This just makes me all the more thankful I'm on a PVE server even it if is a real boring one. At least I'm now having to watch out for pre-teen gank fest parties. And if the current trash in trade channel is any indicationof the age and IQ level of people on my server then I want to have no contact with any would be gankers. Again, I'm glad I'm on a PVE server. :D

Anonymous said...

You can put bullets in your normal bags, you are going to loose speed, but if you're just pewing at boom who cares

Amava said...

Wow. You know, you play the game for a year and a half, and you learn something new every day.

Never knew you could put ammo in a non-quiver slot and actually fire it. For leveling gun skill, that'd be perfect since who gives a toot about the 15% quiver speed while solo questing.