Monday, December 15, 2008

Yet Another Update to the Improvement Plan

So, using our traditional format, lets examine the current 5 items on the plan:

1) Hodir. Still agonizing my way through this one. Jaded as hell. I dread the flight from Dalaran to Dunder Nifflem. The only saving grace is the K3 land mine quest on the way. However, alliance players doing the quest who decline group invitation and then, horror of horrors, put their land mines in front of mine to deliberately tag a mob that'll then get finished off my my mines? Die a firey death. I remain committed to completing these dailies as often as possible. I also learned about something called Everfrost Chips that can speed up the process. Must find out more.

2) Knights of the Ebon Blade. Haven't really done anything here. This one is here to fill the gap if I find myself with spare time, which I have not found. Rep level with these guys is probably exactly where it was when I last reported in.

3) Shoulders. Still sporting T5. Still hating T5. Saw sweet sweet shoulders drop in Naxx-25, but passed since I already got T7.5 gloves that night. Debating picking up the Kirin Tor shoulders at Honored. They're the entry-level PvP shoulders, but they still represent an upgrade in every category for me besides a smidge of hit. I'm only friendly though, so lets cross fingers for some RNG and Loot Council lovin Thursday or Saturday.

4) Wrists. Vindicators out, Eaglebane in. I was actually gathering the mats for the epic Giantmaim set, when I saw a WoW Head comment indicating that Eaglebane is probably better. Looked them over, and I'm a big fan. Even bigger fan of the 65g pricetag on the AH which is peanuts for the level of upgrade they represented. Obviously, I've got a few upgrade wrist options on my 25-person wishlist, however this is no longer a driver for my Improvement Plan.

5) Cooldown Timer. I haven't really visited this one yet. Looked over some options on Curse, not overly happy with any of them. I suppose I'll just have to take the plunge and try one out. Or take this one off the damn list :-)

I showed the results in a nice fancy epeen post complete with visual aids. Granted, those results are only indicative of progress, and won't always be repeatable. That run had me with an above-expected number of crits, especially for Princess Vespa. But it does illustrate that the few changes made between raids did move things in the right direction.

Coming out of that OS-25 run, Loot Council gave me the token for the Valorous Cryptstalker's Gauntlets, which they tell me is the T7.5 gloves. Lots of people are poo-poo'ing on the Hunter T7 stuff, but I'm a big fan of these. They represent a big jump over the blue heroic drops I was wearing. Throw in a +hit gem and a Crusher +44AP enchant. BTW: Mats for Crusher cost about 350g which sucks just a bit. I'm not cryin about gold, but I'm just sayin.

Also got a very solid reward for doing the lead-in to the Aces High! quest. Nice big chunk of +hit and well rounded other stats. Lacks a gem which is weak, but whatever. Need to get a +8 stats on it before Thursday's raid.

Very excited to try out the new gloves and chest in the second half of Naxx on Thursday night.

The new pieces of the plan.

1) Curse of the Hodir. They're not going anywhere off my list until Exalted. Everfrost Chips need some investigation.

2) Shoulders. Must rid myself of level 70 gear. One attainable option is Kirin Tor pvp shoulders. Need to revisit the loot list for additional options.

3) Legs. Still sporting T5 legs. I did throw one of the fancy new Icy +75AP leg armors on here, but still, their time is up. Maybe RNG will smile upon me Thursday night. Or else I've got to revisit my heroic drop list and start hittin the 5-mans. Or maybe look over a Leatherworking list and see if they've got anything reasonable.

4) Aces High! - This is part of improvement, just not the traditional pew pew improvement. Do this piece of sht daily to ensure you're ready for Malygos Phase 3.

5) Knights of the Ebon Blade. Although progress is not really occurring, I don't want to lose sight of this one as the new helm Arcanum will be a nice grind to have out of the way, if time allows.

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