Friday, December 26, 2008

That's what she said

The raid environment in Conquest is pretty intense.

I have no idea where we stand in the Hardcore-Casual spectrum, but I'll go out on a limb and say that while not full-on hardcore, we definitely tend in that direction. Somewhat casual hours (10-12 hours raiding, unless we kill everything in 6), but pretty hardcore approach during those hours.

And the resulting raid atmosphere is one of efficiency, performance, focus.

Not a whole lot of room for joking in there.

Vent is kept relatively clear for the GM and Officers (although there's one or two non-officer coconuts who chime in way too much during boss fights, but that's just my opinion).

Sure, we've got the ongoing Choo Choo Train thing to keep the smiles on, and nobody gets yelled at for slip ups. But the sort of raid we've all sought out in Conquest has a very professional feel to it, and we've done a great job fulfilling that.

But vacation and holiday time is another story, all together.

Tuesday night was the first night of unofficial vacation raiding. I think we had 19 people available to raid. Why not give Naxxramas a try.

Was certainly a bit trickier than doing it with 25, and the boss fights took a few minutes longer. Had to pay more attention to mana endurance, which is not a bad thing, honing the skills and whatnot.

But the atmosphere was noticably different. Maybe everybody was drunk on egg nog, or just giddy with thoughts of presents and elf bowling.

All well and good, we're "accidentally" pulling 2 or 3 more packs of mobs than usual during trash, which actually took some tapdancing because we were short handed (mabye up to 21 or so during the course of the night)

And then it happened. We kill boss some-such. And the RL says....

Wow, that was way harder than usual.

Normally, we'd leave that one right where it is and move on. Professional raid atmosphere and all.

But not on slap happy vacation night.

Somebody chimes in with the natural spike to the RL's bump and set...

That's what she said.

Wakka, wakka!!!

We all have a brief chuckle and it kinda dies there, like it should.

Of course, within a few seconds of the lol's dying down, RL happens to say...

Why so long?

And another character cant resist the setup...

That's what she said.

And the lol's and /rolleyes are getting a little more active.

And then, to seal the deal, seconds later, we're fighting Gothik (I think. The one who hops between his alive side and undead side. I wonder which side likes the frosted miniwheat side?)...


Gahhh! There's something on me! There's something on me!


THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds pretty corny on digital paper here, but every mic that was keyed was filled with roaring laughter. Not the phony typed out lol crap, but real honest to goodness laughter.

Probably laughing at how stupid the whole thing was, but its our $15 bucks, and we'll laugh at the dorky jokes if we want to :-)

And the RL "threatened" to enforce normal communication rules and buzz kill the whole event, but instead he "chose" to die 18 times to ghosts while clearing trash.

A fun time had by all !!!!

Merry Christmas!

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