Monday, December 29, 2008

Live and Learn. Live on PvP Server and Get Dumber.

PvP server ugliness showed its face. On Christmas, no less.

Getting pretty close to done with solo-able WotLK content on Amava, I pulled an alt out of the closet and got to work on her. Level 66, so a quick boosting run or two through Achindouon instances, and poof, she's 68 and in Northrend.

Aside: Shadow Labs solo (well, kinda solo, with pocket 67 shammy /following) is no joke. And I was laughing my ass off at all the folks who wrote horror stories about farming again and again for Sonic Spear. Especially folks who did so deep into the lifecycle of Burning Crusade, well after much better, more easily accessible options were available outside of Murmur's corpse. Sonic Spear dropped and was put in my bank next to my never-wielded Legacy! But I digress.

So the shammy dings 68 and takes a boat to Howling Fjord to begin her journey.

Aside: Holy Dog Sht. She was so squishy. Not even funny how hard a time she has. One mob, no problem, but mana's going south quickly. Two mobs, I might survive, or might not. Three? Nope. And in the starting area outside Valgarde, the aggro radius of a level 68 means 3 mobs is the norm. Not pretty. But I digress.

Slowly creeping my way through Howling Fjord. Finish off the quests in the opening area, take a boosting run or two through the beginning of Utgarde Keep with Amava, and move on to the eastern side of the bay.

Aside: Boosting through UK was way harder than soloing UK. Some of the pulls are tricky enough when I'm just keeping the Hunter and Gorilla alive. But the soft and squishy lowbie would get caught in way too many frontal fire breaths and whirlwinds. Not pretty. But I digr...oh shut up already.

The shammy is slowly and cautiously approaching some village where I've got to plant an Alliance flag and protect against wave after wave of incoming baddies.

AFK for a sec. I mean, it is xmas after all. Come back, dead. Ok, maybe it was a mob, the area is pretty tightly packed.

Reincarnate. Some cow-looking thing whirlwinding. Dead.

Rez. Two cow looking things whirlwinding. Dead.

Rez. Run away, since there's mad cows in the area. Take two steps. Dead.

Rez. Take one st....Dead.


Rez. Run away. Actually get 30 or 40 yards this time. Dead.


Rez. Run behind a tree. Wait a minute, drinking for mana and health. Fight some Shoveltusk mob. Cow whirlwinding. Dead.



Log out.

Go to character creation screen with intention of creating a level 1 hordie and chewing the douche-bag corpse camper out.


You can't create a Horde on a PvP server when you've already got Alliance there.

Probably to prevent exactly what I had in mind.


I guarantee that this a-hole is some kid who just got the expansion pack for xmas, and finally got his level 70 ass into Northrend.

Of course, I wasn't really thinking too straight up to this point. But then I get the bright idea to log onto Amava with the hopes to dedicate the rest of my Holiday to camping this guy and crushing his will to live.

But, in the 6 minute flight from Dalaran to Valgarde, I suppose he lost interest and ran off, because flying around with Track Humaniods on couldn't turn the guy up.

Kill a player once, ok cool, you win.

Kill a player a second time. Still kinda cool. You win, you big stud.

Third time, gettin kind of old. Unless there's Titanium or something shiny involved, back the f off.

Beyond three times? With no tangible asset sitting between you and your "enemy"? And to a player a few levels below you?

You just suck. I hope the reason I couldnt find you later was because your dad got drunk on spiked egg nog and beat you with his belt for getting bad grades in jr high school, or because you're ugly.

Go do your homework and stop camping my corpse.