Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Personal and Guild Quickies

Its been a few days since I sat down to write a post, and quite a bit has gone on in WoW. Lets take a look at some Guild and some Amava quickies:

*) Amava - Revered for a few more hours: Tuesday morning, I woke up with the plan to ding exalted with Sons of Hodir and Walrus Guys before heading out to work. Upon loading WoW, I discovered that they took the servers down 2 hours earlier than normal. Will have to wait for this evening. I'm 750 away from Hodirs (hallelujah) and 990 away from Walrus Guys, meaning I'll have to do a grand total of 4 quests to ding 'em both.

*) Guild - Faster and Harder: Conquest pushed the raid speed this week, clearing all 25-person content in 2 nights of three hours, including a progression kill of One Drake Up on Sartharion. Technically, Archavon went beyond our 3 hour limit, but Alliance didn't have control of Wintergrasp until 15 minutes after our scheduled end time.

*) Amava - Questing galore: Killed some time blowing through the last 40 quests in Howling Fjord. Lots of cash, a fair bit of rep dinged exalted with Valliance Expedition (???). Yay me.

*) Guild - Vacation: We're on vacation. No formal raids until 2009. We'll see who's logged in and maybe kill stuff anyways. We're getting used to filling in spare time since we're clearing the raids so fast. Two Drakes Up will probably have to wait till the new year.

*) Amava - Cooking: I've been checking Rokk in Shatt city pretty much every day. I've done all of his dailies a million times. But since they implemented achievements, I've not gotten Smurfberries. Finally he had Smurfberries for me. Nostalgic flight through Zangarmarsh, Hellfire, and Netherstorm. /cry

*) Guild - 10-person Naxx: During some off time, 10 of us went for it in Naxx. Cleared the joint in 3.5 hours. Although no alcohol was consumed, the more relaxed atmosphere felt a bit like the good old days of drunken kara. Did Four Horsemen with only 2 Healers, although we needed a third for Kel'Thuzad. I can haz new helmet, leaving only one melee wep (blue) and one trinket (green) as non-level-80-epic gear.

*) Amava - Amphitheater of Joy: Needed only 5 quests to ding off Zul'drak. Having no idea what the Amphitheater is about, I just took the quest and tried to solo it. Was actually going fine when 4 alliance guys jumped in to help. Made quick work of all 5 quests, and I totally love the sound fx of the audience and stuff. Good times.

*) Guild - Gear Per Capita: I have no idea how or where to confirm this, but a few guildies mentioned that some such data mining service is reporting Conquest as the best geared guild on the realm per capita. Does this mean that we just don't have many social members and alts? Or is the Loot Council truly doing a rock solid job of landing the right gear in the right hands? Discuss.

*) Amava - Winter Clothes: Me and the Uber GF went ahead and got some winter clothes, 3 pieces of red each. She tailored one piece for each of us, I bought one piece for each of us, and then we farmed. The Nexus, me and my gorilla at level 80, and her on her level 73 shadow priest (she's 75 now, w00t). Easily cleared almost all of Nexus, including a very NOT easy fight against the boss lady who drops the hat.

*) Guild - More with the Speed: A couple of us went into Heroic UK for the daily. Tried to see how fast we could go. 27 minutes.

I'm sure there's more, but its all that's coming to me right now. I feel a Performance Improvement Plan post coming.

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