Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hodir, Oh Dear

Sons of Hodir. A faction with no tabard. Rep to be grinded via 3 daily quests.

The kicker is that SoH is the faction that gives the shoulder enchants.

So everybody and his brother is out in eastern Storm Peaks doing those dailies.

Ok, ok, since we jumped into Northrend a couple weeks ago, we're all accustomed to a little competition for our quest objectives. That's all well and good.

Even more so for those of us fools who chose to transfer from the warm comfortable womb of PvE into the harsh unforgiving grief-fest found on PvP servers.

The competition, the corpse camping, the general attitude of "ima git mine, screw everybody else" is a way of life in WoW.

And, Blizzard, in their wonderful benevolence, made this rep grind for Sons of Hodir. And designed it such that you concentrate a large number of players into a very small geographical footprint where these three quests take place.

For one quest you've got to kill some Elementals on a frozen lake to gather ice. Then use the ice to chill some metal. And go bring the quest guy the metal.

The frozen lake is packed so dense with players, you've barely got elbow room. Luckily, they made the respawn rate so high that the corpses are stacked 3 or 4 deep across the entire frozen lake. And the hot pieces of metal, while heavily camped, also respawn pretty quick. No problem here, Alliance and Horde playing nice together.

Next quest has you in a cave with some worms. Kill the oil blobs and use their secretions to polish the head at the Hodir camp. At peak times, I've seen upwards of 20 people in this cave. Insane. But, again with the respawns. This one goes pretty quick, and Cats and Dogs live together in harmony.

And then....the ultimate in Grab-Your-Ankles daily questing...kill 5 little spirits and 5 big spirits, and blow a horn over the corpse to free the trapped soul.

Little spirits are all over the place. Kill and horn-blow those 5 within a few seconds of arriving on the scene.

Big spirits. Much more rare. Much more visible.


I had 15. FIF-F%@KING-TEEN of these guys stolen from me. And that's 15 semi-rare spawns, not 15 dudes that're just standing in line to get horn-blowed, gang bang style.

I'm a person prone to frustration at times. I'm used to it, and have many ways of managing through the spikes. However, this one made me mental. Seriously ready to hurt somebody.

As it would turn out, leftover pizza is Chicken Soup for the Ninjerd Soul, so I had a couple slices, and shortly thereafter, did the quest in K3 were you lay the landmines to stop the incoming attack. Love that one. And now I am calm.

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