Friday, December 26, 2008

The Karma of Enhancing Gear

You hear lots and lots of people say that they don't want to enchant a piece of gear, or equip a scope on a ranged weapon, or put in gems, or whatever costly enhancement, because they're just going to replace the item soon anyways.

I go the other way. Through out my raiding career, starting with a nearly fully greenie set of loot stepping into Karazhan a year ago, I've tried to take good care of the gear.

And if there's a specific item I want upgraded, to appease whoever or whatever controls karma, destiny, and pseudo-random numbers, I try to find the best upgrade possible, apply it to the item I want to eliminate, and sure enough, a replacement comes along lickety split.

Ahhh, Hodir

Got home tuesday night, a mere 750 rep away from Exalted.

Wanting to do it with a little artistic flair, I do a little math, and dig up a little angst.

Math: One quest gives 500 rep. Another one gives 350. Do those two, and you'll ding.

Angst: That Grippy/Stabby quest o' bugginess has been the bane of my WoW dailies for several weeks now. The proper way to ding is by submitting this quest.

So I did the hot/cold one, and then actually, in a rare feat of amazingness, I one-shot the grippy/stabby.


Quick like a bunny, I hop on over to the quartermaster, get my upgrade of a total +10 attack power and +5 crit.

Yes. Weeks and weeks of ganks, griefs, bugs, low drop rates, horn blowing ninjas, hard to find chips, that stupid wolf spirit who can't seem to find the spies in any straight forward fashion.... All of that endured for +10ap and +5 crit over the lesser inscription. Out-f'ing-standing.

I happily applied the update to my shoulders.

Raided Naxx-25 with 19 or 20 people.

The short-handed Loot Council saw it fit to smile upon me with the T7 shoulders, providing the sweet sweet Beast Master me-love-you-long-time +5% pet damage.

I happily flew back out to Dunder Nifflem to buy my second greater inscription that very same day.


And what is it about my OCD that makes me keep grinding rep after I'm exalted.

Once you ding Exalted with a faction, there's still 999 rep you can gain with them.

I hate partially filled progress bars.

If there's one thing in this world that I hate, its a partially filled progress bar.

So I finished off some more dailies at Hodir to get the 999/1000 progress bar fully and completely done.

Am I weird, or does everybody do that?

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Eidlhe said...

You're weird. Especially since you did it for the Sons of Hodir. Stupid polishing the helm, blowing the horn. Etc.

Really though, you're not weird. :) I just don't take it past exalted. If I get it to 999/1000 exalted great if not, I don't sweat it.