Saturday, December 6, 2008

Preparing for Sapphiron

Saturday night's raid is planned to hit up Sapphiron.

One of the Guild Officers puts post on the forum saying we all need to show up with frost resist gear, along with a list of recommendations for each armor type.

Oky-doky, lets get to it.

Icy Scale Belt, Boots and Chestguard.

Lots of frost resist (duh, that's why you're getting them), and lots of stamina. Not so much on the other stats, but I suppose the fight is more about surviving. Dead toons do no DPS.

Which, as a side note, I haven't died in a WotLK raid yet (sht, don't jinx it, keep your mouth shut, doh, too late) other than full wipes. Hopefully its a testament to me trying to stay the F out of the fire, but I think its more due to the healers keeping an eye out for me. Thanks guys! Oh, there was one stupid out-of-combat death to a frogger slime blob. All you need to do is not touch them, and they move very slowly and predictably. But I wasn't the only noobtard to lose at frogger, so I don't feel bad, and I'm not counting it as a real death.

I've never actually specifically geared for a resist fight, other than the basic Violet Badge for Void Reaver and that sort of stuff. In my old guild, we did gear our tanks for Nature and Frost resist for Hydross, but not the other players.

So I got my three pieces crafted, and I'm ready to try out my new bow on Sapphiron.

Now the question on Gems and Enchants.

Any veterans out there have advice?

Do you go with normal DPS gems in this kind of gear, or do you go after stamina (or do frost resist gems exist)?

How about the legs. Do you get a frost resist armor pack, or a DPS armor pack, or a stamina armor pack? Likewise for enchanting the chest?

Or do you skip enchants and other upgrades for these types of single-use gear items, since the return on investment is limited to only one encounter?

I'm thinking DPS gems (maybe greenies to reduce costs, I'm already at 650g for just the three items) and Frost Resist enchants/armor packs, but I'd love to hear what experienced raiders have to say.


Durgan said...

I don't have any advice for the topic at hand, but I would be curious to know your shot rotation and macros your using for the raids.

With all the new abilities that I'm getting I'm having trouble making sure I'm using all my abilities to their fullest. I've gotten to play a lot more since the expansion but not nearly the time you do.

Keep the posts going, love following your progress through the raid content.


Winty (EU) said...

Off topic:

I thought I would just leave you a note to let you know what I really enjoy reading your blog and have done so everyday since wrath came out. I'm really enjoying seeing how you are progressing and your opinions on your new guilds loot system.

Keep up the good work!


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