Monday, December 22, 2008

Two Amusing Ways the Horde Got Me

So I'm on a PvP server.

Usually its not much different than PvE server. Sometimes, usually when least convenient for me, its brutal. But generally ok.

When horde ganks, 5 vs 1, or lvl 80 vs lvl 72, or even 1v1 but he decides to kill you 5 times in a row, it gets my feathers ruffled.

Aside: A distorted part of me is enjoying the pain, and using the experience as motivation to not allow things I cannot control to get me hot and bothered. Mixed results so far.

Two recent Hordies zinged me in ways that actually amused me.

1) Hodir Mc DLT

The hot/cold one. Kill elementals on a frozen lake. Loot their snowballs. Find hot pieces of metal. Fling a snowball to cool off the metal. Loot the metal. Repeat x5. Turn in quest.

The quest isn't all that bad on the surface. Sure, the drop rate of the snowballs is a tad low, but not unbearable. And the respawn on the elemental mobs and the hot pieces of metal are fast enough. It only becomes unmanagable when the packs of Horde ganksters are teaming up on any alliance in the area.

So, one day was really bad. Ganks galore. Struggle through it. Get 4 out of 5 pieces of metal in my bag. Only one left. And, naturally, only one snowball.

Throw it at a piece of hot metal. And, because the lag is pretty bad out in this heavily camped area, discover that a Tauren also threw his from the other side at roughly the same time. He looted first, so my loss, gotta go get another snowball.

Get snowball, return to hot metals.

Throw snowball. Begin looting chilled metal.

And a stinkin Undead Priest comes along and Screams me a fraction of a second before completing the loot.

As I stand there uncontrolling my toon, whacking into the mountain face next to me, I could only stare at the guy looting my chilled metal, without even having to use his own snowball.

The irony of the situation just royally amused me.

And even better when I tracked him down and killed him.

At this point, I was smiling, and happily braved the ganksters for yet another snowball and completed my quest.

I don't know why, but it amused the hell out of me.

2) Attack from Above

One of the pitfalls of a PvP server is where you choose to /afk.

On PvE, no sweat. As long as you're clear of hostile NPC mobs, you can go get a soda, take a shower, let the dog out, whatever.

PvP, gotta be clear of Horde.

I'm out questing (at Hodir's, big f'ing surprise) and the gf is headed out the door, so we're saying goodbye. So I pop onto my Cenarion War Hippogryph, and fly a little way up into the air, hopefully safe from the Horde.

Goodbye conversation continues.

I hear out the corner of my ears that something's not right with my toon. Look over, some Hordie is firing spells at me. I was hovering too close to the ground, still in range, and seeing me AFK, he just wanted to say HELLO.

So I reach over with a spare hand and hold space bar to fly out of range and into safety. Cool, he's not firing at me anymore.

Back to the conversation.

Next thing I know, I'm hearing the shots again.

See, this time, I flew up higher. But in the Hodir's camp at Dunder Nifflem, there's a variety of cliffs that allow a would-be-attacker a variety of vertical levels from which to attack.

I had flown higher, but he just climbed up to a higher shelf in the camp and found me to be within range again.

So I reach back over, hold space bar a little longer, and now I'm safe from Horde, up high in the clouds. No way he can find a position that's in range he can fire at me.

Back to saying goodbye.

Next thing I know, I'm getting hit again!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!? WTF!!!!!!

Conversation comes to a halt. We both look over.


I didn't even bother trying to evade. I didn't even know you could cast spells while in the air.

He worked hard for this one. He can have his victory.

We laughed our asses off. He was so very tenacious. /applaud

And finally, we were able to say goodbye without any horde interference.