Monday, December 15, 2008

Fail Daily Quester is Fail

You know you're doing something wrong when you spend 120g on repairs from doing daily quests in a single day.

I wish I had a video camera going in my WoW Lair when this all went down. Would have been a good idea if I were auditioning for The Hulk.

The frustration. The sheer and unadulterated desire for violence. The absolute idiocy of not just going to sleep but rather continuing to beat my head endlessly against the situation.

For the record, the only things I threw IRL were a dish towel and a hair bow. Even through the fog of anger I was able to not break something valuable or someone I hold dear.

So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

Insight to the Insanity

Astute readers of this blog can likely figure out that I like to obsess. I also don't like to spell check.

I also like to set goals.

When I set goals, I tend to obsess over accomplishing those goals.

On the upside, in whatever pursuit this applies to, I am able to accomplish some pretty nifty things.

On the downside...well...let's just say that there's a dark side to obsession.

Disclaimer: If you choose to get in the way of the goal of an obsessive person who is in obsessive mode, you do so at your own risk.

Sons of Hodir can kiss my @ss

So, back to last night.

You're aware that my Improvement Plan contains Sons of Hodir rep. Do the dailies daily.

Even the one with the Spear.

I hate that one.

It just never works the same. Ever.

Sometimes the dodge works perfectly.

Other times it just doesnt even cast.

Sometimes the #4 ability (big spear thrust) and the #2 ability (dodge) share a cooldown, other times they're independent.

And on and on with the bugs, inconsistencies, unresponsiveness, quirks, and fudge factors.

This is regardless of Addons enabled or disabled. So its purely in the Blizz UI that this is a massive hack.

The quest is awful. But rewards 500 Hodir rep, so must be done. Must be.

I fell to my death 8 or 9 times trying to complete this.

The worst one was when, finally making it to the end, get the 10 combo points for the finishing move, and the finisher misses.

Try to build up more combo points.

Die in the process.

Only to discover that I didn't need more CP's, I just needed to wait for the finisher to cooldown and fire it again. Ok, so this one was my fault, the frustration by this point wasn't letting me see straight, which is rather productive, yes?


Aces High....on crack

I'm not overly concerned with Wyrmrest rep, however, I am very concerned with killing Malygos.

Aces High! is a daily quest way up in the sky above The Nexus. It is practice for the mechanics of Phase 3 of the Malygos fight.

So I'm doing the quest to prepare for the raid. I'd rather go ape sht with frustration in a solo daily quest environment, than at a clutch time during a 25-person raid.

Again with the cludgey interface.

Sometimes the heals cast, other times they dont. Sometimes the DoT refreshes, other times it doesnt.

And the agony of the stupid parachute ride down. It takes forever to land on the ground. So I'd click the debuff and spitefully die.

Several deaths were due to dragons killing me, so not always a parachute suicide.

Two of those had my corpse on a spike of the tower, inaccessible as a spirit. So had to use the f'ing "unstick my character" help option and eat the 25% durability cost at the spirit lady.

Blood! I WANT BLOOD!!!!!!!

The real kicker for this is that I refuse to alter my addons. Yet.

The intent is that I'm practicing for a raid, and in the raid, there's no time to log out, disable addons, and log back in as we transition between P2 and P3.

Gotta figure out how to do this one while in my desired raid configuration.

Slowly and painfully, I made enough attempts that the quest didn't bug out on me every time and I got my 5 dragons.

The UI responsiveness is so messy, and the quest is so buggy, I want to punch Blizzard in the mouth.

Why so frustrated?

See, the issue is not that I want instant gratification.

I'm a big fan of very difficult or complex problems that require a great deal of thought, trial, error, feedback, re-trial, re-error, ad infinitum.

If the difficulty level is such that it requires creativity and precise execution to solve? I'm on board.

However, both of these issues were wrestling with a cludgey UI and sloppy game mechanics.

Get alert that dragon is swiping. Press #2. No dodge.

Next time. Do exact same thing. Dodge works perfectly, only to have the #3 effect do nothing for the rest of that same attempt.

Mount one time and the "grip" counter shows up perfectly. Mount another time and no grip to be found.

Flying above Nexus, sometimes the revivify casts, other times, given the exact same conditions, it just wont cast.

Woe is Me

In the end, I threw some very soft stuff around the house. Startled the dog who was watching The Hulk from across the room.

But got the stupid quests done.

And had some nice fodder for a blog post :-P

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Anonymous said...

The Sons of Hodir spear quest...

Remove all your armor and weapons, then do the quest.

I usually keep my grip above 40, and spam spear thrust, and also #4 ability every time it is up. And randomly throw in a dodge now and then.

Stormrage - Mastrkreuz