Monday, December 29, 2008

Added to the Must Read Section: Greedy Goblin

Greedy Goblin.

So much fun. Be warned, he comes out pretty harsh with the Social Darwinism and is pretty "classist" ;-) but if you can look past that, its an outstanding read.

I'm not sure which camp he'd put me in: goblin/rich/businessman or dumb/naive/poor.

To phrase it in Greedy Goblin style...

On surface, I never hurt for gold, so rich.

However, (A) I buy frivolous luxury item (mini-van, cenarion war hippogryph) so dumb, and (B) I make my gold through gathering and daily questing so poor.

To truly be goblin, I need spend time on AH buy low sell high, earn substantially more gold/hour than poor working-class dual-gather.

Whether he'd classify me as a goblin or a dumb, I could care less, but his posts are both entertaining and insightful. I wish I'd have found this gem sooner!

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