Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Amusing WotLK Quickies

WoW on my mind lately. Too wordy. Too many posts. I suppose that's what I do when I'm emotionally avoiding shopping for the holidays because (A) I dislike materialism for the sake of materialism, (B) it reminds me of how little I actually know my family and that I live so far away from, (C) again with the materialism, (D) can't we just, i dunno, sing carols and eat a ham together, basically have some quality time, and not blow money out the window on junk none of us want? A couple presents for the kids/grandkids? Rock On!! A massive pile for junk for everybody? Bleeeeaaaahhhh (see below).

So my obsession for my hobby (currently WoW) ticks up while my desire to even drive past a Walmart, Standard Generic American Suburb Shopping Mall (/shudder), small locally owned boutique, or just about anywhere else, drives deep below zero.

To lighten the mood, a couple of quickies I find Amusing in WotLK:

1) I was a bad raider the other day.... I died in the fire on the Four Horsemen. Totally lost focus and just stood there and died. I actually hope nobody wasted any mana on me, because it was entirely my fault. However, when our Death Knight turned me into a Ghoul? I started laughing so hard I blew a bubble out my nose. I sorta ran over to Blummexau, did a couple of the Ghoul abilities on him/her, and then died again. Still laughing. Then got a tissue.

2) While we're talking about Ghouls.... I just love the noise that Ghouls make when you raise them. Best example I get to hear lately is Knights of the Ebon Blade daily quest where you have to kill some Paladin-looking guys on an island in far western Icecrown, and pour a potion on the corpse to raise the Ghoul. And they make this "bleeeaahhhhhh" noise.

I can't help but make the noise IRL at the same time. I find it amusing. I'm not sure the uber gf does or not? But she usually laughs too, most likely at me making nerdy video game noises, and not at the actual WoW-generated nerdy video game noises.

3) Choo Choo.... This one takes the cake. I've always been a fan of the /train emote. Its so silly, so frivolous, exactly what I like in my recreation time.

However there's some new item available from a toy store in Dalaran. When you use it, you set up a train set on the ground, and anbody nearby goes into an uncontrollable fit of "Choo-choo" emotes. On and on and on. Apparently there's two or three people in my raid that have these, because its endless.

And its driving our Raid Leader insane. Which I can (A) empathize with because as RL I always hated that piccolo dancing thing, and (B) laugh my ass off at because he's gotten so aggravated with it that he offered $500 (Canadian) for the name of whoever is dropping the trains.

HINT TO NEW LEADERS: When you let the ppl you lead know something minor, that doesn't really affect the outcome of the mission, annoys the bejezus out of're only encouraging them to do it more!

The single best part of the train set is the one lingering Choo Choo at the end. I think its the Male Gnome, but whatever. There's one that plays right at the end, about a second after all the other choo choos are done, and its all raspy and awkward and so. frikin. funny. I cant help but laugh every time I hear it.

Even the people who say they hate the train admit that this one is funny XD

4) Lunch Lady.... A guildie of mine was leveling up cooking and I saw the Lunch Lady achievement flash on the screen. Of course, any Adam Sandler fan would have to chuckle at that one. I thought it sounded cool, so I wanted to see what I'd have to do to get it for myself. And I discovered that its for 25 cooking recipes learned, something I did back in Darkshore or maybe Ashenvale when I was a wee lil Night Elf.

But I got to thinking....why isn't the Lunch Lady achievement for a really hard number of recipes to collect.....and come with a damn title. I want to be Lunch Lady Amava.

Wait, #3 wasn't a quickie

Oh well. I fail at quickies.

Granted, none of these is as much fun as a Yoda or Mr. T or Governator impersonator in your raid, but they do bring some smiles.

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