Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holding your pants up with style

How do you hold up your pants?

Do you wear suspenders? Nah, the buckles set the airport metal detectors off resulting in embarrassing wand searches by a guy who's overly suspicious of the buckles that are setting off his wand awkwardly close to your nipples.

Do you wear bracers? Aren't those wrist armor? Well, that too, but bracers are also fancy suspenders that attach to buttons on the pants rather than little clips like suspenders.

No, if you play WoW, you equip a belt to hold up your pants and increase your stats.

Amava recently got a beautiful new belt out of Naxx-25, that took a rather unorthodox route to her svelte Night Elf waist line.

We're fighting the poison cloud farting guy. We kill him.

Usual routine would be for general silence while the Loot Master links out the first item, the members indicate their preference, the Loot Council makes a decision, and the Loot Master hands out the shiny.

Well, not this time. Nearly immediately upon the farting boss death, all of a sudden, vent is alive with excited cries of "who's kiting, who's kiting!!!!" and a few other very excited chattery remarks.

A casual listener would have thought that we were already in combat again. A casual listener would think that we had zero discipline during looting. A casual listener would...well, you get the idea.

Of course, the first item linked out is a sweet sweet belt for Hunters, the Depraved Linked Belt. Brass says pass, Amava says interested, and the third hunter (for whom I'm still looking for a nickname, but until inspiration hits me, will go unnamed) abstains.

In this situation, the Loot Council might flat out reward it to the player who said "interested" since he/she is the only one. The Council might give a brief review, since it might be some strange political situation where the passer would get massive upgrade while the interested player is only getting a tiny benefit. But generally, unopposed "interesteds" get the loot without further thought.

So, while this is going on, there's the excited vent chatter.

Badda bing, badda boom, you see in raid chat....Brass receives [fancy belt tha Brass passed and Amava interested]


Ok, Brass is a really cool person and a great teammate, always very generous and fun to raid with. I can live with the decision, no sweat. A little fishy though.

As it would turn out though, Brass thinks its a miss-loot, and they intended to loot to Amava, but accidentally looted to him. If true, its an easy enough mistake, since looting is done by right clicking and then choosing between two players who are adjacent to eachother in the looting interface.

So, Brass opens a ticket with Blizzard.

A few days go by.

A GM contacts Brass to confirm details.

A few hours go by.

A GM contacts Amava to confirm details.

An hour goes by.

Amava has sweet sweet new belt in her inbox, attached to a lengthy letter saying that Blizz is happy to help out, but don't think that they'll help out again so be more careful in the future.

Outstanding. Never seen something like this in action. Didn't even know it was an option.

Thank you Brass, and thank you Blizz.

I still haven't found out from the Loot Council whether it was a mis-loot or if the item was indeed intended for the other guy.


Anonymous said...

Few people know it's an option but once you do know...know this...they will only do swaps, restores, etc. a very limited amount of times. I forget if it's one mistake or two but then you're SOL. So as long as it doesn't become habit, Blizzard is generally very good about helping!

They're customer service has definitely come a long way since the begining.

That belt is definitely on my new wish list =D

Anonymous said...

Our RL is terrible at looting and we used to swap loots almost every Sunwell raid. Yet to have a GM deny us on the switch...My 2cs