Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stop the Insanity: Pre-Raid To-Do List

Not a chance that I'll ever stop the insanity, unless I go the pharmaceutical route, but I'm not quite ready for that yet.

Here's the sort of stuff that burns in my brain continuously, and flows out through my fingers during lunch break, gets emailed home at the end of the day, and gets posted (usually) to the blog the following morning....

Stuff to do tonight before the raid:

1) Water the christmas tree. It chain-drinks water like I used to chain chug Fel Mana pots.
2) Knights of Ebon Blade quests, perhaps ding revered. My brain is fried on math and cant tell if 250x6 is enough to get me to revered.
3) Shoulders from Ebon Blade if revered
4) Helm Arcanum from Ebon Blade if revered
5) Check AH mule for gems and mats (see below)
6) Visit Shatt or Hodirs for Shoulder Inscription
7) Do the shoulders from Ebon Blade have a socket? Uggy!
8) Get new chest enchanted with +8 stats. +10 will wait for a better item (4 frikin abyss crystals, my ass)
9) Get Titanium Impact Band crafted
10) Update Outfitter with all this new sht

Mats to procure (AH or in mule's bank):
1) Mats for +8 enchant to chest.
2) Yellow gem (+crit) for chest
3) Replace green gem in legs because new chest puts you over hit cap (I think its a blue socket)
4) Mats for belt buckle
5) Gem for belt - likely +32 AP
6) Mats for Titanium Impact Band

Oye, vey!

We'll see how much time I have. The titanium ring might have to wait. And if I don't ding revered with Ebon Blade, I won't have to do nearly any of this.

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