Monday, December 15, 2008

Quest Givers IRL

The uber GF and I met up for lunch the other day.

Sitting there at the restaurant, she sorta nudges me to indicate another patron without directly and rudely pointing at the guy.

She says, "There's something about that guy that makes me want to go turn in a quest to him."

So I turn and look, and lo and behold, he's got a solid black baseball cap, with just a bright yellow "?" on the front.

I'll bet. Just watch out for what follow-up quest's he's got in mind.

Very cool to see people embracing WoW and not trying to hide their involvement like the Plague.

We go back to our lunch.

Then as we're leaving, the gf goes back to the table to leave a tip, and walks past the guys.

Watching from across the room, I see her talking to the quest giver and his friend, presumably about WoW.

As we're driving away, we get to talking about the encounter.

When you're playing WoW, what sort of visual image do you form in your head of what the player at the other end of the keyboard looks like?

If its a guy, is your immediate visual image of some nerdy teen, pale complexion (very little sunlight reaches mommy's basement), acne, spare tire belly, surrounded by empty snickers wrappers, mt dew cans, and hand lotion bottles? Do you picture young? Old? Indifferent?

If its a woman, what kind of image do you conjure up in your head? Is every brief absence actually because the rest of the sorority girls are having a pillow fight wearing teddies with feathers flying around the room and your teammmate just had to /afk to jump in on the fun? Or do you picture Large Marge the Truck Driver who can beat anybody at an arm wrestle, out-drink a pack of Tibetan yack herders, and snubs out cigars on the hairy mole on her bicep?

How about this Quest Giver and his friend?

For them, its forever confirmed that the chick on the other end of the keyboard is indeed a hottie :-)

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