Saturday, December 6, 2008

Loot Council Strikes Again

Third night raiding under the Conquest Loot Council.

Third night getting phat lewtz.

Works for me.

But does it work for the raid? Lets take a look....

Raid raid raid....pew pew pew...kill kill kill...loot loot loot.

Along drops a token for tier armor. They tell me its T7.5, but I'm not really sure what that is. Either way, its a token for a chest piece. Chest Piece is one of the chief upgrades I'm looking for as my currently equipped item is pretty weak, but is chock full of hit, so I wear it.

The token is useful to a variety of classes, but for now, lets just look at the two hunters to keep things simple. You've got Hunter A who is a DPS monster, totally pwning the meters, and generally the backbone of the raid's boss killing capability.

And you've got Hunter B, starting off the raid season as a pretty weak link, who is creeping up and improving, but still has lots of room to increase contribution to the team.

You're on your third raid night. Hunter A has not gotten any raid loot in the first two nights, and Hunter B has gotten something both nights.

And now the T7.5 chest token drops. Who should the council give it to?

From the perspective of "rewarding good behavior", both hunters are on time, make thorough use of enchants and consumables, stay out of the fire, and keep the voice channels and drama channels clear, so this one is a tie.

From the perspective of "spreading the wealth", Hunter B has gotten stuff for two nights in a row already, and Hunter A has not, so A should get the loot.

From the perspective of "benefit to the raid", boosting Hunter B would be a good idea, since the chest would be a massive upgrade for B. However, although not massive, it is also an upgrade for A, although breaking his 4 piece T6 bonus would be a short-term setback.

In this scenario, the Loot Council chose to spread the wealth and give the loot to Hunter A.

They made the right call, and there was much rejoicing on our Hunter chat channel. Sure, it would be nice for me to get more loot, but I'm happy with what I've gotten so far. I like to see my teammates get some love as well. And this particular teammate has been a great help, serving as a mentor for a wee lil hunter new to the guild, making the rejoice all the merrier at seeing him get some loot.

Fast forward through a few more bosses.....

And what drops.....

My precious...Arrowsong!!!

And what is one of the primary items on my Improvement Plan? Ranged Weapon.

A match made in heaven, as this is a massive upgrade over my current weps.

Loot Council hooks a brutha up.

It's so pretty. Not all gaudy like Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix or the Badge Crossbow, it looks like an actual soldier's bow.

I've been using crossbows for nearly a year now, and the animation of shooting the bow is so much cooler.

Rock on!

So in this case, I'd say the Loot Council's decisions through the night definitely serve to benefit the raid. Hunter A gets new shiny tier piece and continues to happily pwn the meters. Hunter B gets a sweet sweet bow and is now able to provide a more solid contribution to the success of the team. Both players and the guild win. Sure, the RNG was being all nice nice, dropping my sweet sweet bow, but random drops are random drops. How you manage them is what counts.

Now, where's an engineer when I need one? I need a fancy new scope, ASAP!

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