Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Easily" accessible JC crafted upgrade option

During yesterday's post "Continuing the Improvement Plan", one of the items on my new short-list is the Titanium Impact Band.

In the post, I described it as "an easily accessible JC crafted upgrade option."

Yeah, suppose that depends on your definition of "easily accessible".

First thing to note. The mats.

Some titanium, but you were expecting that from the name, weren't you? Ok, cool, you've got a little stash of this in the bank, so no sweat.

Then, the usual ingredients for crafted epics, a bunch of Eternals. Again, they're already in the bank, so no searching, no paying.

Life is good!

Then the last item. 4x Dragon's Eye.

WoW Head lists the price at 640g per Eye.

Really? 4 of them?


Ok, let me check AH for already crafted rings.

Two listed.

2,100 and 2,400


Back to WoW Head.

Further research shows Dragon's Eye to be BoE and JC's can buy them with their daily quest rewards.

AH had 4 of them listed at a reasonable price, so I couldn't resist. 1,000 gold for the set.

Cool, empty the mailbox and hearth to Dalaran.

/g any JC on to make Titanium Impact Band?



/Trade LF jc to make Titanium Impact Band. my mats and tip.



FINE! I just dumped a cool grand on mats plus 150 gold for a gem, and I'm not gonna have my stupid ring before the stupid raid tonight.

Head off to do some dailies.

No joke, 15 minutes later, I get a pst from some guy who saw my bark on /trade. 15 minutes?

Seems that the recipe is pretty rare, or at least was pretty rare amongs the players who were logged in and looking at /Trade at the time I was barking.

Yadda yadda yadda

I love my shiny new ring and its juicy yellow socket.

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