Friday, September 5, 2008

Tank Frames and Main Assist

I run XPerl unit frames (and raid frames, I think).

It has a cool little feature where it provides a little box with each of your tanks in it. And their targets. And their targets' target.

Hugely useful, because you can always be sure you're picking up a tanked target as you switch between targets.

For the Main Assist (a dps player who everybody else should be /assist'ing to change targets), a tank frame is vital. Everyone is depending on that person to choose the proper target.

In Tempest Keep, there are a few very chaotic trash pulls near the beginning. Using a Main Assist is clutch, to keep people focus firing and burning mobs down, rather than everybody fighting their own target and having 7 half-dead mobs.

The problem with the tank frames.

Out of the box, XPerl will populate your Tank Frame with all Warriors in the raid.

Ok, nice, our Main Tank is a Warrior. And one of our normal Off Tanks is a Warrior.

But what about my beautiful Paladins and Bears? No where to be found.

And what about that Fury Warrior? He's in there.

Makes it tough for the Main Assist to pick up targets during the chaos pulls.

oRA2 to the rescue.

I installed oRA2 last night.

Fiddled a bit, and figured out how to designate the tanks, so my Fury Warrior was out, and my Pally and Bear were in.


But other players in the raid didn't get the updates. I was hoping that the Raid Leader could specify the tanks, and everyone would get it.


But wait, that's not all folks. Then while twiddling my thumbs, looking for a second Warlock to bring along, I found a nifty "Broadcast" button.

Click. And presto, everybody's got their Tank Frames updated.

Very nice. I should have installed this puppy months ago.

As we burn mobs down, when the current target hit 5%, I was able to choose the next target from any of the available tanks, and as soon as the current target was dead, the raid could easily choose their next target immediately since I was already switched over.

This was far and away the most efficient use of the Main Assist that our Guild has ever done, and the progress through the trash showed massive improvement.

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