Monday, September 8, 2008

Choosing the next boss

After the Void Reaver kill, one of the raid members asked me if I could provide advance notice of which bosses we'd be doing on which nights.

A perfectly valid question.

For which, I had only a vague answer.

Casual guild, no attendance requirement.

What this means is that I have only a limited view of who I can plan on attending on any given night.

We use Group Calendar for signups, but the usage is spotty.

And if we have 20 people online, and I have to PuG some members, I have no advance notice of what classes or people to expect.

So its tough as a Raid Leader. Which then in turn becomes tough for the Raid Members.

I explained that the best I can do is offer a short list of the next potential bosses.

Read up on Hydross, because if our resist tanks show up, we're going there next.

Read up on Al'ar, because if the resist tanks don't show up but we do have 2 solid warlocks, Al'ar is up next.

If our resist tanks and warlocks are not here, then probably into SSC for Leotheras the Blind.

If you still have questions about Lurker or Void Reaver, research on them, because we're gonna kill them both a couple more times before we push forward.

I wish I could have given a more clear or specific answer, but in light of how our attendance is like a box of chocolates, I could only provide this vague description.

And, as a big giant LOL in the face of the upcoming patches and expansions, I'm going to propose to the officers that we take a stab at Mount Hyjall, just to see if we can do it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amava,

I would suggest that - if you have a few aoe toons (mages and locks) - the easiest target to take next is Solarian in TK. If you can get lurker down you can get solarian no worries (we took Solarian on our 4th try).

Make sure you get Solarian alarm though - helps heaps