Monday, September 22, 2008

Scarlet Monastery, the slightly less nasty version

I really hope you didn't read the previous story. I simply wrote it in the hopes that getting the experience out will help purge it from my memory. But oh well. No more potty talk. On to the WoW.

As mentioned earlier, I went on a boosting run through the Scarlet Monastery.

What a walk down memory lane.

Back when Amava was a lil baby in her mid 30's, SM was a place she spent lots of time.

That was a year ago.

Back then, it was with five players all in the mid 30's. Taking hours to clear the place out.

And today, its with a well-geared 70 mage wrangling piles of 10 or 20 mobs at a time and arcane exploding them into oblivion. Taking maybe an hour and a half, including a few breaks to clean up some nastiness, to do 4 instances.

Each corner we turned brought back vivid memories of when Amava originally went through there, and how carefully we had to do each and every pull.

Granted, at the time we were usually doing dungeons with two rogues, two hunters, and a random fifth player (rarely someone who could tank, and only sometimes with healing capabilities), so we invited our own pain, but that's neither here nor there.

It was a really fun blast from the past revisiting the different wings of the Scarlet Monastery, more so than any other low-level dungeon I've run thus far.

Lots of fun getting boosted through as a dancing bear and raking in some decent XP and loot.

Strange thing though.

My druid was level 40 and the gf's shammy was 36.

I was getting more XP for kills. Both of us were already burned through our rested XP and "felt normal".

WTF? Seems kinda backwards, yes?

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