Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ap'arllo 13

You know, the title sounded funnier before I had my coffee this morning, but oh well.

But, when you spend another 2.5 hours wiping on the same boss, you get a little slappy.

We came, we saw, we wiped.

Sadly, Al'ar got down to 13% in Phase 2. So stinking close to dead.

Each part of the fight, we had a good handle on how to deal with it.

The platform tanks for Phase 1 are spot on with their jumping and running.

The add tanks for Phase 1 are picking up their targets and positioning them away from everybody.

As we head into Phase 2, people doing good job of dropping aggro.

In our best attempt, we had all ranged DPS in Phase 2 go for the adds while melee stayed on Al'ar.

Everything was going nicely. We were 2 minutes ahead of the enrage timer. The raid was alive and in good health and mana. We had 3 battle rez cooldowns ready to pop.

But those AoE fire clouds crushed us.

I think we got too bunched up in one half of the room fighting the adds, so when a cloud appeared, at least 2 or 3 players would take major damage.

So we couldnt do it.

And that makes 3 nights of wipes on Al'ar. With less than 2 months to WotLK, we're setting our sights elsewhere, and he very well may have to stay un-killed by the guild.

Hydross Sunday and maybe Monday.

T6 and Mt Hyjal maybe Monday and definitely Wednesday.

At least we'll be wiping with style :-)

So everybody go scoot and get your Medallion of the Alliance.

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