Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flame Buffet

Al'ar casts a spell called Flame Buffet.

Is that Buffet, as in Jimmy Buffet of Margueritaville fame?

Or is that Buffet, as in Moon's Chinese Buffet, $7.99, all you can eat.

I dunno, personally I'm a little leary of mass quantities of raw shellfish offered hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean for only $7.99, but that's just me.

Personally, during the raid, I pronounce it like the all-you-can-eat version, (A) because its more fun, and (B) I think its wrong, and hopefully people get a kick out of hearing their high almighty raid leader say stuff funny.

Either way you pronounce it, its been kicking our ass.

And Flame Quill. And Meteors. And Phoenix Embers. And whatnot.

Spent a good number of hours last night wiping on Al'ar.

The team has pretty much mastered Phase 1. Not too much fuss once your platform tanks learn how to properly identify and react to that one effect that requires them to jump down then run back really quickly.

Phase 2. We made it 50% of the way through Phase 2 which was pretty promising.

But then we lost our focus and started having sloppy deaths early on during the fight and other nastiness like that.

Seems like Phase 2 has so many different effects going on, everybody needs to be on top of their game and avoiding the various explosions that are going on around you.

Getting close, though, so I think Al'ar is ready to take a dirt nap.

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Michelle said...

My raid leader pronounces it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Of course, he also pronounces Lurker's spout "spoot," so what does he know? ;)

'Grats on the raid progression, and good luck on future attempts. :)