Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fonts, Spite, and Progress

So to keep life interesting, I'm typing this in Comic Sans MS font and gonna see if it pastes into Blogger's input window and keeps the font. Let me know what font you see this display in. But in the mean time, don't I feel fancy while I'm typing?

Think of somebody walking past my cubicle now......Woah. That's not Times New Roman!!! Where'd that out-of-the-box-thinking, innovative, ponytail wearing, go getter come up with that font? He must be destined for corporate greatness.

Edit: Although my pumpkin pie hair cut is long and shaggy enough for a pony tail, my early-mid-life crisis hasn't yet hit the point that I'm willing to go out in public with a pony tail. What I do in the privacy of my own home is my business.

I'm back to my "renewed focus on work so as to maintain enough income to justify the ponytail" kick, so I'm trying to keep it short. ish.

So there'll be some speed topics to gloss over the normal braindump. Which I seem to be falling back into as I sit here and write. /doh


Brief recap. The other day. Raid about to face Lurker. Amava disconnects. Amava pouts. Amava stews. Raid figures out how to kill Lurker. Trash respawns seconds before iminent boss death. Raid wipes. End of recap.

In the heat of excitement following that near-kill, the GM announces that there shall be a raid the following night to finish the job.

That's a thursday.

In the nearly 9 months that we've been raiding, we've never deviated from Wed,Sun,Mon schedule.

Knowing that we never stray from the schedule, Amava specifically makes arrangements in RL whenever possible to accommodate said rock-steady raid schedule.

While Amava was in an airplane at 30,000 feet, on a normally raid-free thursday night, the Guild killed Lurker below.

Amava lands, claims baggage, drives home, checks guild's WWS site and reads report of one-shot Lurker progression kill.

Amava becomes angry. Childish, immature, prima dona-esque. But angry.

The anger has passed, and I am now in an emotional state where I can bask in the Guild's accomplishment and not cuddle with my spite.

After allowing the feelings to pass, I calmly shared my feelings with the other officers. They also feel that the Thursday move was perhaps not the best idea in the world, for more reasons than just Amava's spite.

Go Team!


Amava puts her feet up

Sunday. Normally scheduled raid night. This one is our short night, only 2 hours.

Head into Magtheridon.

Amava is visiting family, and has sleeping folks right nearby, so doesn't want to speak on voice. Plus, I'm still clinging to spite a little bit at this point. Hell hath no fury like a man-playing-a-night-elf-chick scorned. Somebody else has to lead the raid.

Holy ez-mode, Batman.

I got to sit back, put my feet up, eat some haggis (was at a Scottish festival earlier that day. Actually quite tasty, if you can kinda block the mental image of the food's contents).

No pressure about finding the players. No stress about ensuring everybody knew their assignments. No onslaught of whispers with random thoughts, suggestions, complaints, desires.

Just pew pew pew. And a cube click here and there.

Ok, so somewhere during this raid was when I was able to let go of the spite. Watching my fellow officer serve as Raid Leader, and doing an admirable-but-harried job, showed me that I'm perhaps being petty. /sue-me

Lots of new Champion titles were earned that night. There was much rejoicing.

Progress. Almost

Monday. Another normally scheduled raid night. Some bickering over whether to try two ZA raids or one 25-man, and if 25-man, which one.

Decide to head on up to Tempest Keep for our first visit to that dungeon.

Amava was back in the driver seat, free of any childish hard feelings from a few days ago.

Holy hard hittin trash, Batman.

Took a lil bit to figure out how to manage the trash, but we nailed it.

Went to Void Reaver.

Wiped in a bloody mess our first try. Didn't realize quite how fast those Arcane Orbs come at you.

About to try again, with a nicely organized setup before we started.

Tank gives countdown for pull. While tank was running in to the boss, somebody starts a heal going. Pulls boss. Major chaos ensues.

But we did get a very nice feel for how to position and how to maneuver away from orbs.

Trash respawn ended the night, but me thinks Void Reaver will die soon.

I hope people realize what I mean when I say "when targeted, you need to run straight away from the center of the room, towards the back wall. Turn with your mouse, because if you turn with your keyboard, not enough time to run away". I got a lot of vacant stares from that one.

T5 Shoulders, you will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine. Oh, wait. I'm passing on loot for the next few weeks to spread the wealth. So maybe not "mine" in the personal sense, but "mine" in the royal Guild sense.

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Anonymous said...

They key with voidy is that people have got to give up on their overwhelming desire to DPS to the max and keep focused on dodging. As long as your DPS is not completely crap there should be no problem getting him down before the enrage.