Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Respect - revisited

In the past month or so, my Guild's DPS is getting better and better. Amava's proper spot at the top of the damage meter is no longer guaranteed. Still there sometimes, but there's some rogues, a warlock, a mage, and the horror, a couple hunters that're all landing at the top from time to time.

Que spiteful reaction called "delete toon".

Luckily, before I follow through and delete my toon, as the Raid Leader, I get to give out assignments, so don't be surprised if you find yourself clicking cubes, banishing abyssals, tanking Krosh, or going without any shammy in your party on the raid following a time when you top the queen. lol. My spite might even go so far as to instruct the paladins to not bless you :-)

Not one to be discouraged easily, I need to find a new avenue through which to inflate my fragile ego.

Without any real conscious effort, I've found myself turning more and more to Guild pride. You've read my recent Respect and Dedication posts. If you go through the past month or so of posts, excluding the occasional rant about void reaver positioning, the general tone is one of pride in the guild, our success, and so on and so forth.

So, lets take a look at the most recent taste of that slice of pie.

There's a well known Holy Priest on the server. We were looking for one more healer. Somebody said that the guy was available to raid. 10 different people in the raid confirmed something along the lines of "he's awesome, lets get him". So the guy's got a great reputation as both a player and a person. I actually had him on my friends list from a run through Scholomance nearly a year ago.

He chooses to not be a regular raider with his guild, and rather prefers to raid PuG style. He's seen nearly every boss fight up to early Black Temple, but being a PuG'er, he's geared similarly to us, T4 with a dabbling of T5, plus badges and the like.

Yadda yadda yadda. Well respected player. Has seen just about every kind of raid group there is to be seen on our server.

Midway through the raid, the normally silent guy begins to whisper me, singing the praises of the team.

He said he's never seen a group that listens and follows instruction this well.

He's never seen a raid where a player can make a colossal mistake, such as running directly at Gruul while setting up and explaining the fight, wiping the team before we even started up, and get a response of "you're a silly goose" from the raid leader and no complaints from the team. Just run back in and kill the boss.

He's never seen a raid where the RL gives an overview of a boss fight for new folks in clear, concise language. He's either seen a leader go on for 30 minutes on farm content telling each player a detailed list of exactly what buttons they are to press at exactly what time, or he's seen a leader just sort of gloss over assignments and just sort of run in there.

So there you go. The latest installment of Guild Pride Week at Amava Knows Aggro.

And, since its my blog and my fragile ego, I'll interpret things how I want to and take full credit for all the things he liked about raiding with us. So there! You can beat me at WWS, but can you beat me at finding things with which to thump your own chest?

NOTE: ok, fine, so I'll share credit with the awesome group of officers and guildies that make up the raid. But what fun is that to write about? Way more fun to be the spotlight-hogging prima donna that I wish I actually was.

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Anonymous said...

I'm begging you to be kidding about the cube-clicking or pally blessings. BEGGING YOU.