Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rant. About "fun".

Kestrel recently wrote an article regarding guild drama triggered by the GM of the guild moving an alt into another raiding guild.

The article illustrates two types of feeling about this action. On the one hand, the guild has kicked out members in the past who have been clearly fishing for greener pastures. And, to quote the article...A counter argument, made very well by at least one commentator, is that the game is supposed to be fun, and everyone has the right to do with their characters as they wish.

Thus begins my rant.

Not aimed at Kestrel. Not at all, I love the blog, great read, daily. But triggered by that counter side of the argument that was presented.

Its a game. It should be fun.

No-fu$@ing Doubt.

You should be here for fun. WoW is recreation. WoW is social. WoW is entertaining.

But. And its a BIG BUT.

Every raider has chosen to engage in "fun" along with 24 other people. Probably lots more than 24, because you need a pool of players to raid with.

The moment you engage in an activity with even one other person, you now have to consider the feelings of others, and you have to accept the fact that your behavior will have consequences.

I cannot think of ANY example from any slice of life, where there's been a room of 25 people, and I am fully, totally, 100% engaged and enthused by the presence of each and every one of those people.

I cannot think of ANY example from any slice of life, where there's been a room of 25 people, and I haven't had to accept certain constraints that come along with being part of a team.

I cannot think of ANY example from any slice of life, where there's been a room of 25 people, and there hasn't been at least one person I wish would get brutally inconveniently timed diarrhea. A spell I'd like to learn IRL...Diarrhea Cramps. And lol as they run from the room anytime they p1ss me off, clenching for dear life.

If raiding is how you choose to seek fun, then you need to accept the fact that you experiencing that fun comes with a price. You may be asked to do a job you are not 1000% thrilled with. You might have to watch someone else get the loot that you are 1000% convinced that you deserve more. You might need to hold in your pee 5 minutes longer than the moment you notice that you have the need for relief. However, the brutally inconveniently timed diarrhea? I understand, you gotta go when you gotta go. I'm talking about your run of the mill pee-pee.

You are expected to put in enough non-raid time to ensure you have sufficient consumables, gold for repairs and specs, enchants on those pretty pretty purples you just got, which, coincidentally, I am 1000% convinced that I deserved more :-P

Hell, you might even have to swallow your pride, and let go of the spite that you harbor towards the team that made a progression kill on an off night while you flew back from Texas without having had the treat of enjoying some Beef Ribs.

I'll tell you first hand how hard that is. I cling to spite more than you can possibly imagine. But I'm fully aware of the consequences of my behavior, and the price that must be paid to participate in a team activity with a large number of other people.

In the end, if you choose to have your "fun" through raiding, or even better, if you choose to have your "fun" as the GM of a raiding guild, you've got to consider the team.

If you cannot do that, WoW still has lots of ways for you to find entertainment, but raiding is not one of them.

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Kestrel said...

Excellent, excellent article, Amava. And yes, I agree with you. I really didn't want to expand into all those other arguments you present--either on our guild website (still trying to stay neutral, but it's hard), nor in the blog.

But I agree with your main thesis. It goes back to Oliver Wendell Holmes: "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." The right to do as you wish, ends when it impinges my own enjoyment.

And we can debate degrees till the Tauren come home, but we are basically on the same page.