Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So it would seem that I'm using blog titles based off of those silly inspirational posters you see all over the walls of corporations across the country. Fun fun.

Let me paint a picture here for you.

Late January 2008.

My guild, made up of a bunch of late comers to WoW, starts venturing into Karazhan.

One of the members of this green bunch of folks was a rogue.

Slowly but surely, we pushed our way through lower and then upper kara.

Eventually, it was time to form another 10-person team and raid side by side.

The guild was massively heavy on DPS, specifically rogues and hunters.

Our rogue friend happens to also have a paladin. He offers to run with the new kara team on his pally, even though he's a big fan of raiding on his rogue.

Since then, the chance to raid with his rogue has been limited. He's been a strong member of that team, bringing leadership, experience of the boss fights, and personal skill with his toon.

As we progressed into 25-person content, he expressed his wishes to run with his rogue I try as hard as I can to fill that tanking spot so he can wear rouge, but most often I've had to ask him to pop over to the pally, which he does without ever complaining.

As we progress as a guild and build up a strong reputation on our server, we've brought on board a few new high quality tanks. This has allowed our friend to raid on his rogue some more, which is nice, although he makes Amava have to push those cooldowns a little bit harder to stay on top of the one and only thing that matters in raiding, namely winning at WWS. lol.

Fast fastforward even further through a couple of 25-person boss progression kills, and you've got our friend raiding on a mix of paladin and rogue.

Ends up watching lots of his guildies get the Champion of the Naaru title, while he's got two toons, each half attuned.

Close, but no cigar. Here you have a team member showing his dedication to the Guild, and enabling us to succeed with raiding. But he's not getting rewarded on par with that dedication.

So last night was his night to shine.

Group up for a sweep through Gruul's Lair. Bring your Paladin, because the more tanks the merrier with HKM.

Spend an hour waltzing with Gruul and company.


Swap out the Paladin for his Rogue.

Fly over to Magtheridon to give him a stern talking to.


End result for the evening...roughly 14 epic lewtz distributed to the team, lots of Champion of the Na'aru titles bestowed.

And best of all, our friend gets not one, but two toons awarded the title in the same night. And his Pally got a cool sword to boot.

Pretty cool way to celebrate dedication to the team.

But, his Rogue did just barely beat Cube-Clicking-Amava at WWS for the Magtheridon fight, so next time, I think I know who is gonna get magically assigned to clickery. Its good to be the king :-)

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