Friday, September 26, 2008

Lets keep talking Achievements

Why not beat a dead horse into the ground here.

Welcome to the third installment of my commentary on the Achievements system.

The latest comment here, by Mal-2, describes the Achievements as being divided into regular ones which are available to be achieved on an ongoing basis, and Feats of Strength which are generally the ones that were achievable at a point in time, but are likely no longer available.

Ok, ok. Now we're talking.

I like this, I can work with this.

The thing that'll make or break it for me is the user interface implementation.

Make the display of Feats of Strength be a listing of all the things the player has accomplished, and I'm a big fan. I'll be trying to add to my list whenever the opportunity arises (2010 Olympics, anyone???)

If the Feats of Strength are displayed as a list of all possible Feats, along with a check mark or bright icon to indicate which ones have been accomplished, and a dull greyed out appearance or empty checkbox, or the horror, a red X to indicate an accomplishment that's not been completed, and I'm out.

Maybe its insecurity, but I want this screen to enable me to bask in the glow of the things I have done, not shine a spotlight on those that were missed.

Probably stems from when I was a kid, I'd get a 99 on a test, and get reamed out for that missing point. And heaven forbid if my folks found out that there was a bonus question and the theoretical maximum score was 104. How's that for fun?

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Brajana said...

To continue on this semi-conversation, I agree with you here for sure. I think the Feats of Strength should be like little hidden gems that you don't really know about or work towards, they are just pleasant little surprises! I mean, of course there will be lists on WoW Wiki and whatnot... but it would be nice to see them as a list of your Achievements and Unachievements, as it were.