Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is when I qq moar

Its no secret that leveling another toon isnt too much fun.

Or at least to me its no secret. Some people like it. I'm happy for those people.

I liked leveling the first time I did it.

I didn't know anybody who was 70, so I had no real knowledge of what end-game was. I also had no expectations of becoming a raider, other than maybe the random Kara pug. A new player's understanding of what raiding is really comes from the hardcore descriptions of 6 days a week, 5 hours per night, being verbally abused and/or kicked out for being absent.

Thus, leveling at whatever pace chasing herbs and mineral nodes leveled me at, that was just fine.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Me and the gf are leveling toons up on a server with some friends. The friends have been 70 for a long time. We want to play together.

And its a long and dreary road.

Been going on for several months. Putting the time in here and there, and we now have a level 40 and 36.

At the rate we're going lately, we might be in Outlands by the expansion pack, which means we might miss out on leveling up 70-80 with those friends, unless they choose to wait for us, or they play Death Knight and join up with us through Outlands.

And since we made the new account before Recruit-a-friend, we're stuck at normal XP. And riding on a Kodo instead of a Zebra. If they'd let me pay a flat fee to ding 70, i'd drop the cash in a heartbeat. To buy a third account and still have to do the grind, even if accelerated, bah, not gonna do it.

The routine is all (A) run solo or in a pair doing questing and mob grinding (B) the occasional PuG dungeon with players around our level or (C) boosting runs from friendly level 70's.

(A) is fun if you're taking your time. It really sucks if you're anxious to go play with your friends.

(B) is fun if you're taking your time, but as everybody knows, PuG's are like a box of chocolate. And since we want to go play with our friends, the wasted time trying to find a group is, well, wasteful.

(C) has some fun factor with it, and levels you pretty quickly, but it gets really boring for the 70's.


And staring me in the face is a variety of interesting reviews of Warhammer. Tobold's description of how much variety there is right out of the starting gates at the very first levels and continuing through the leveling process is intriguing. I'm debating trying it out, just to see if its an initial hype that feels new and fun but will shortly wear off as the populations at low level dwindle, or is it really the action packed variety show that people are describing.

But, I can't play Warhammer now, since Blizzard is making it take forever for me to reach the same level as my friends. The clever bastards!!!

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