Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Red Daddy

Spent saturday out in the rain with my daughter and gf. We went to an amusement park, not quite raining, but some what ominous looking. I had been given free tickets on friday, good only for saturday and sunday. So, why not. We drove all the way out here, its not raining as of the moment we pulled into the parking lot.

As soon as we handed over our tickets and got our hands stamped, the skies opened up.

But the three of us weren't about to let that ruin our parade. We continued to have a blast going on rides, soaking wet, eating funnel cake under an umbrella, soaking wet. The water didn't stop us from having fun all day long.

Long story short, saturday evening, I was exhausted.

Shortly after getting home, I passed out for a nap.

And, being equally tired, my daughter asked to go to bed a little early.

So, the gf got her all set, read some stories, and was ready for lights out, when the lil'en say she wants daddy to sing a song.

So over comes the gf, shakes the sleeping giant, and begins to rapidly describe the past hour's activities.

As it would turn out, that was perhaps a bit too much information for my still-sleeping-ears to take in. Shall we say disoriented and a bit overwhelmed?

After the fog cleared, and she cut to the chase and let me know what I needed to do, all was well. Rockabye baby, twinkle stars, and what not. Peacefully sleeping child.

A while later, she says to me, "wow, when I woke you up and started telling you about bedtime, you got all confused and angry and turned all big and red like Amava does."

Funny, because I'm not spec'ed Beast Master IRL.

Big Red Daddy, FTW!!!

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