Thursday, September 25, 2008


Some quickie thoughts.....

1) STV is pretty cool now that mounts come out at 30. Just finished the last quest there, except for Green Hills of Stranglethorn, which I refuse to take part of, other than making gold hand over fist selling the pages. Just dinged 45 as I turned in the last quest. How's that for well planned zones? How that happened with the new faster leveling, I do not know, but either way, I shant complain.

2) Mining is fun. I just like it. And dinging 175, which opens up Mithril, is heavenly.

3) Herbalism on a druid is even more fun than mining. You don't even have to shift out of travel form (or someday, flight form) to pick flowers.

4) Playing in a duo with a druid and a shaman is neat. Running around as a ghost wolf and a cheetah is 24% slower than mounted and wearing special boots. But I dont care, the coolness factor of cats and dogs playing together more than makes up for the speed.

5) Alliance begins Hinterlands in the west, where the mobs are around level 40. Horde starts Hinterlands in the east where the mobs are around level 50. This does not make sense to me, but I just don't really like Tanaris so I'll stay.

6) For the Horde. I just like hearing the Horde NPC's talk more than the alliance ones. Although the drunken dwarves (they drink all year round, not just to set themselves up to get Brewfest achievements once they're released) by the mailbox in Wildhammer Stronghold are pretty funny.

7) In lieu of a canceled raid, I did indeed take part in some Brewfest BRD boss action. Its the first time Amava ever got drunk. I got a chuckle out of that. Staggering around during the boss fight with a barrel on my head, also a chuckle. Getting a trinket equivalent of the Bloodlust Brooch? Whatever, I think I'm still an Hourglass of the Unraveller kind of guy.

8) Playing a druid requires you to press lots more buttons than a hunter. Sure, just like the hunter, you could just auto attack your way through mobs. But, unlike the hunter, you take damage while its happening. And so you press buttons. And continuously look at your energy or rage levels. Makes it hard to eat ribs while you're playing.

9) As it would turn out, my raid feels sorrow for my keyboard. My microphone is right near the keyboard, so when I activate it during combat and I'm hammering my 3 key to spam the Steady:Auto macro, the key slamming sound gets transmitted.
Some of the guildies held secret meetings (aka, random heroic runs) where they discussed (aka, gossiped about their officers) starting up a fund raiser for a new keyboard for their raid leader (aka, the coconut who pounds one key and has been know to win at WWS from time to time, and yells at everybody). This also gave me a chuckle.

10) You'd be amazed how much stress and aggravation you can vent by pounding a single key as hard as you can, over and over again, as long as its accompanied by fun animated effects, frequent bloop crit sound fx, and massive bar charts of damage output.

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Brajana said...

I've got my Steady/Auto macro bound to my mouse wheel. I get blisters from scrolling that thing back and forth 4 hours a night for 3 evenings in a row each week. Maybe I should alternate, use the keyboard for a while!