Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mexican Hats bring the clique back together

Tried to form up two ZA raids. Failed.

Formed up one ZA raid.

Those of us not in that raid looked around at our fellow non-raiders.

And low and behold, its our old clique back from the guild's original raiding days.

See, we went through this period where all the new folks were hating on us because we seemed cliqueie.

I suppose we were, because the 5 of us ran dungeons together all the time, rarely with other people. We raided together all the time, in a time where we didn't yet have a stable second 10-person team.

So we got yelled at for being cliqueie. As a result, the 5 of us have only done a single 5-man dungeon together in the past 4 or 5 months.

One guy wanted Keepers of Time rep, and another one had some quest about a hat.

Why not give Heroic Old Hillsbrad a shot? Its supposedly one of the harder heroics, and we're all sick of blowing through Mechanar or Slave Pens in 35 minutes or so.

Best. Dungeon. Run. Ever.

You'd have thought we all ate catnip before the run.

Just totally goofy. Potty humor. Insulting eachother's heritage, speech impediments, s3xual preferences and abilities. Oh, and continuous and brutal attack on each person's ability to play the game. Using some pretty creative language. And much laughter. And not the phony, typed "lol" variety.

At one point, true silliness bit us. One of the raiders in ZA popped over to our vent channel and asked if his cousin could listen in, because he's interested in seeing what the atmosphere is like in one of our raids (or dungeons, to be exact).

Really? Ok. But you picked the WRONG night for that, buddy. What an earful this visitor must have gotten. Talk about making a bad first impression. I can only imagine what the conversation between our guildie and his cousin was like after the run. "Those are the coconuts you're always raving about? They're certifiable!"

We spanked the place. Thrall has the biggest pair of brass balls in heroic mode. I won't say the run was easy or flawless, but we hammered it, and all I got was 2 pieces of knothide leather scraps off of the end boss.

Then came the hat.

We forgot to do the hat quest (which we all picked up in Gadgetzan before the run). We ran all over trying to find Don Santos. Nowhere.

Check Thottbot.

DOH. Supposedly you can't do it after the dungeon is clear. Crapola.

Once you're saved to a Heroic Raid ID, you can't reset it for 24 hours.

Next thing you know, somebody links in the hat that Don Santos drops from their atlas loot or something.


Given the already nutty nature of our team this night, that was just the last straw. We all wanted that damn dog so bad. It became all consuming.

So we left. Reset. Went back in.

Found Don Santos.

Slaughtered him.

Looted his hat.

Only one drops.


Try again. Leave. Reset. Go back in.

Repeat until we've all got hats.

Nobody is allowed to summon the pup until we've all got the hats.

w00t, 5 hats. 5 pups. Well, 6 if you include the Shammy who went in Ghost Wolf form, which looked awesome.

Now, Amava is no role player. But she does draw the line at stripping. She likes to keep her clothes on.

But, in OHB, they slap some Human disguise on you. Oh, ok, that's fine then.

Naked Mexican Hat screen shots anyone?

Then we all went back to Shatt City, and paraded around the Aldor Rise and the middle part, wearing our hats and with our pups heeling.

Immediately bombarded with people wanting to know how to get them.


Just an awesome night. Gotta find more of this in the game, because it was just plain old fun.

Aside....Do cats eat catnip? Or is it scented thing that gets them contact high? Whatever it is, we did it.

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