Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Perhaps everybody smoked crack before the raid?

I dunno what's up. I published my earlier post entitled "On the road again", but it's not appearing on the blog or in my feed reader. But it appears as "published" in my Blogger control panel. Oh well, if you haven't read that one yet, you're really missing out on a gem. Not. Edit: an hour later, it showed up on the blog and in my reader. wtf?

My boss used his infinite powers of persuasion to convince me that dinner with coworkers was in my best interest. So, being the resourceful little sneak that I am, I went to the event coordinator during a break and used my infinite powers of persuasion to make sure that she arranged dinner such that I will be available for my raid.


Dinner was nice, steaks, salmon in some weird but tasty sauce, a variety of other goodies. Open bar, not that I was overly anxious for booze. Got back to my room intime to get ready for the raid.

On to the show.

Zul'Aman bear mount run.

Not for the weak of heart.

What's the best way to start off a potential bear run?

Wipe within 30 seconds of initiating combat in the gauntlet on the way to Akil'zon.


We haven't wiped in that area in months and months.

And we walk in with aspirations of seeing just how far out of reach the bear mount is, and we wipe instantly.

Oh well.

We regrouped and pretended that we were still pushing quickly. One shot akilzon. Whatever.

Waltz over to Nalorakk. We've been one shotting him for months. Wiped 3 times.


I said, "ok, F nalorakk, lets go practice speed progression through the scout gauntlet on the way to jan'alai."



One shot Jan'alai.

Ok, since the timed event would have expired about an hour ago, lets go slowly and make sure everyone knows the path to Halazzi.

In the three times we've gone to Halazzi, we wipe 4 or 5 times each night while screwing up trying to jump through huts and windows and stuff.

Somebody fails to jump through the window and aggro a patrol, a hunter fails to dismiss pet and jumps through a window and then pet comes running aroudn the outside with 10 mobs in tow.

So this time we actually did the Halazzi trash reasonably smoothly.

Go figure!

Couldn't kill Halazzi.

Perhaps everybody smoked crack before the raid?

Otherwise it seems that there aint no bears in our future.

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