Monday, September 22, 2008

Help me hide my stuff before the Scourge comes and takes it

I am no role player.

I have a loose familiarity with some Warcraft lore from the good old days of Warcraft 2.

That is to say that some of the character names evoke fun memories of playing with 3 friends on a LAN I set up in our dorm room, back before networked games played over the information super highway was the big thing. I cried when doing the quests out in WPL at Uther's tomb.

And now, based upon the server choice of some friends, I find myself leveling a toon on a Normal-RP server.

Generally not too much RP, other than I try to use more complete sentences, and maybe even some capitalization and punctuation when I text chat.

And since my toon's name is Moodyswinger, sometimes I get grumpy with people, guilt-free. I'm just RP'ing XD

Well, being on a new server, I've discovered a growing need to stash stuff away somewhere. I'm mining up lots of ores, I'd like to save them for JC or Eng once me and the gf are at 70. Cloth for a mage tailor (btw, watching my friend boost us with her mage frostnova'ing and then arcane exploding everything in sight was inspirational. back to boxing my priest and mage once things settle down. overextending yourself, ftw).

The individual bank slots arent enough. My toons like to travel in style.

So I need a guild bank for my mule.

So I need 10 signatures.

So I created 10 alts on the other account.

So I signed with the first alt.

So I signed with the second alt.

Wait, what? No signature? It says this guy already signed the charter.

Ugy. Must be one signature per account.

Well, good thing I tested this on the second alt before making 8 more. lol

Now its back to Orgrimar for some signature spamming.

Knowing its an RP server, I'd better come up with something good, rather than just "sign guild charter, plx, so i can get phat tabard and raids and be helpful and run dungeons"

I have no idea what Scourge is.

But I think its a group of bad guys. They seem like the types that would take your stuff if they found you.

And, I'm betting on the fact that most other folks on the server share that same basic understanding of what Scourge is.

So, standing between mailbox and auction house, I began to whisper any un-guilded folks that were running about (note: not anybody standing at the AH, and nobody standing at the mailbox, dont want to be rude, this is RP here folks).

"The Scourge killed my family and are coming after me. Will you please help me create a guild so I can get a bank to keep my stuff safe from the Scourge?"

I have no idea if that's 100% nonsense, or maybe its even a giant contradiction in lore.

But, it worked.

In less than 10 minutes, I had all the signatures.

Only one person declined helping me. I bet he knows what Scourge actually is.

Contrast this with Amava's server, where I offered 2 gold per signature, and still took over an hour to get all the sigs.

And, seconds after establishing the guild, I chime in on brand-new gchat...

"Thank you all for your help. I can now safeguard my precious stuff. It is with the highest regard and utmost respect that I now boot you all, lest you be an agent of the Scourge trying to invade my bank. If you should ever need assistance, prove to me that you are an enemy of the Scourge, and I shall heed your call."

So, any lore junkies out there know if I'm full of baloney or am I even vaguely on target with the story line?

And moments later I was reminded that it'll run me 100 gold for that first bank tab.

Doh. I've only got about 700g on the toon right now, so I might have to play email ping-pong with items for a little while yet.

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