Sunday, September 14, 2008


I wasn't sure if I was going to write this one or not. In my head, it started tending towards ePeen-ery. But sitting in an airport gets pretty boring once, before you take off, you finish the book that you planned to read on the airplane.


For the Guild.

I'm not sure what happened, but over the last several weeks, it feels like the reputation of my guild, Kishi Kaisei, has exploded.

In a good way.

Everywhere we go, the guild is getting noticed.

Stand at the summoning stone for just about any dungeon or raid in Outlands, and there's people congratulating us on our recent progress, and saying how they've heard that Kishi is pretty cool place to be.

Buying some food for Condoleezza in Lower City, and the guy next to me sends his gratz, referencing a specific recent boss kill.

And here's my personal favorite, what with my being an ego maniac and all.

PuG a run in Mana-Tombs for some LC rep.

The leader invites in the fifth player. I've never met the person, and his guild isn't one that I work with.

Shortly after joining the group, he's all...

"You're Amava? Raid Leader for Kishi?"


"I've heard about you. It's a pleasure to be running with you."

Thx. and stand up, boy, I'm not the Pope.

It was just a strange feeling.

Made me pretty proud of the team. We've been working really hard to keep some momentum to our raids through out the summer. And now that school started back up, even more issues getting players. And with the patch on the horizon, even harder.

But we've been getting the runs together. And been pushing through the bosses.

I bust my ass to try to keep the environment fun but focused. Find the right players. Not waste too much of everybody's time. Never make anybody feel bad for messing up. And at the same time, not let over-underperformance slip too far.

It is nice to get some feedback that its actually working.

And then it got me to thinking a little bit about the progress the team has made lately.

In the WoW community, it feels like you get two schools of thought...

Hardcore: If you're not in Black Temple or Sunwell, you're a scrub.

Casual: Another Kara canceled, maybe we'll kill Maiden next week.

But there's a middle ground of guilds who have made it through Kara but not all the way to end end game.

And for us in the middle, its hard damn work. And we're pretty damn proud of doing a good job with it.

If the response we've gotten from the community on our server is any indication, it would seem that there's a lot of players who don't quite fit into either of the extreme categories, and they respect the accomplishments of guilds, members, and leaders who can get the job done.

But, we're not in Sunwell, and I don't have a bear mount, so I must be a scrub ;-)

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