Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you want the title, or not?

Amava's guild has a bunch of people who have indicated interested in completing the Champion of the Naaru quest line.

Its been a month and a half since the first wave of titles came with our first Magtheridon kill. Facing the expansion and the obsoleteness of the current raid dungeons, we've pretty much removed Gruul and Maggy off the schedule.

So, in an effort to help people who want the title, I put a 2-hour Gruul / Magtheridon killing spree on the calendar, two weeks in advance. In addition to this, I set the guild message of the day to include some indication of the "last chance at title, check calendar" concept for the whole two weeks. And on top of that, I put a thread in the guild forum asking for people desiring the title to post where they are in the quest chain so we can try to help folks out.

So along comes sunday. About 40 minutes before the raid, I ask out on gchat "who is up to the Gruul/Maggy steps of the title quest line?" since I'm trying to form up the raid and as such, want to give preference to members who will get the title.


Ok, wait 10 minutes. Ask again.


Ok, wait 10 more minutes. Ask again.


Oh well. I suppose they want the title, but not quite bad enough? Or maybe want it but not have time to complete the heroics?

Talk it over with the officers and come up with a real "LAST CHANCE, THIS TIME WE MEAN IT" gruul/maggy run for next sunday.

And head up for another visit to Al'ar.

It must be truely awe inspiring for a raid to hear their Raid Leader and Hunter Extraordinaire announce the misdirection assignments, and only seconds later, when he was supposed to misdirect skull onto main tank for first pull, messes up and misdirects onto his pet, who gets one-shot, and a brief period of chaos as the main tank skillfully regains control of the fight.


Condoleezza still isn't talking to me.

Get to Al'ar.

Wipe twice, pretty much due to about 2k DPS too little.

We really didn't have a chance, even if people survived the firey effects in Phase 2 (which they didn't). Just too little damage output.

And analysis of the WWS chart afterwards shows, on our best attempt, 5 DPS'ers close to eachother at the top. And then a massive gap followed by a grouping of 8 people who could possibly be mistaken for tanks if this report were the only thing you observed.


Not gonna happen.

Rage Winterchill tonight. Should be fun to see, even if an exercise in futility, given numbers like that.

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