Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Progress Report: 3

Well, looky what we have here...

Mission Complete!

11:24PM on Tuesday November 20th!

Total time played: 25 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes, 56 seconds

I ran straight to Shadowmoon Valley. Got lost. Found the Flight Trainer and Gryphon guy.

Did a joy ride to Shattrath, portaled to Stormwind, trained in Misdirect and new rank of Growl (among some other frivolties), flew to Blasted Lands, silly fixed flying routes :-)

Flew through Hellfire Peninsula. Filled my bags with herbs and mineral nodes (this epic training aint gonna pay for itself afterall). Headed off to Shadowmoon to figure out how on earth am I going to get to fly a dragon.

And if you click the link to see the full sized image, you can see my oopsie as I fired off rapid fire while shuffling around my action bar to make room for the Ebon Gryphon.


Pike said...

Wow, congrats!!

Anonymous said...


Now try this for size: (untested!)

/dismount [noflyable]
/use [flyable,nomodifier] Ebon Gryphon; [noflyable][flyable,modifier]Swift Zulian Tiger

It will: dismount unless flying; use a flying mount if in a flying zone unless you use a modifier (hold shift/ctrl/alt), use a "normal" mount if in a non-flyingzone.

Replace "Swift Zulian Tiger" for your "normal" mount and "Ebon Gryphon" for your "flying" mount if those are not the ones you use! :)

Mosshoof said...

Congrats on 70!

Anonymous said...

BTW: what's that red button to the left of that bar?

pelides said...

Woo hoo! Grats Amava!Now you can misdirect to those annoying mages who really enjoy pulling aggro off the tank. Just get them out of the way at the beginning and enjoy the power that is 41/20/0!

Amava said...

"what's that red button to the left of that bar?"

The red button is really an indicator and not a button. It came with MonkeyBuddy, which I installed to get MonkeyQuest for nice display of progress against quest objectives. The red thingie to the left of my bottom action bar is a speed indicator. I don't really know how to work it, because I was expecting to see numbers like 100% for epic land mount running, or 103% for epic land mount running with carrot on a stick equiped. But the numbers are rediculous. I probably should disable it, but just leave it there in case I'm ever curious to really tweak my speed.

Kestrel said...

My feed reader is slow (prolly not as slow as I am though)...

In either case, CONGRATS! Now only 5000G to go for the Swift Flying Mount training! ;)