Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ten Naxx-10 Quickies

Enough walls of text and psychological babble. Lets have a quickie, mostly but not all, about a Naxx-10 run:

1) Bring the player, not the class -BUT- don't ever forget to include at least one player who can replenish mana (ret pally, shadow priest, survival hunter). Jimminy Christmas, last night's Naxx-10 was one solid block of mana management, resulting in one of the most challenging and yet fun Sapphiron kills I've been part of. All Hail King Mana Tide.

2) I love Druids with a sense of humor. Especially when nobody will rez a dead one, and a snot-nosed hunter says he'll cast Revive Pet if she just changes her corpse over to bear form. /sorry

3) More with the replenish. Seriously, though. I spent more time in Viper in one raid than I have since dinging 80. Suddenly 4 piece T7 doesn't sound so bad.

4) Amava Knows Ammo. Four hour marathon in Naxx. 28 Slot Pouch full at the beginning, mostly Timless Shells, and 8 stacks of Mammoth Cutters for boses. Blew through all of it, and had to mount up and buy 8 stacks of bullets from my Traveler's Tundra Salesman. These bullets don't grow on trees, people! Ok, they kinda lay there in nodes on the ground, but that's not the point.

5) Not about Naxx, but immediately before the Naxx-a-thon. Easily found 2 low level quests in Area 52, so I am now an Outlands Lore Master, although I still couldn't tell you what a Naru is (perhaps a god of the space goats?) or why Illidan is a Bad Guy (maybe he just needs a Tasty Cupcake).

6) More with the ammo. Seriously, though. Getting near the bottom of the barrel, during a single KT attempt I swapped ammo twice. Started with Timeless Shells for the trash waves, switched to Mammoth Cutters for KT himself, ran out of those, and swapped in the vendor bullets at the end. That 28 slot bag takes up half the damn screen.

7) Lore or Nostalgia? I'm sure there's a good reason Magtheridon is locked in his chamber, but I dont know what it is. I think he pissed off Illidan (took his tasty cupcake?). But, boosting an alt through Blood Furnace and seeing Maggy down there brings a smile to my face.

8) DPS Races Are Fun. Sometimes the over-competitive nature of DPS'ers causes unhealthy situations. But, when the tank dangles a carrot out there (which ever hunter comes out on top on Patchwerk doesn't have to kite on Gluth!!!!), its GO TIME. Brass beat me by 5k damage, which I attribute to him having slightly better timing with one of the BW calls. I suppose it serves me right for letting him do the opening Misdirection :-). And Dusty Miner's Leggings the Mage tried to keep up. Did a miraculous job, but there's something sweet about the Sustained part of MQoSRDPS that a Beast Master brings to the table (at least for now).

9) Dinging "Mama Said Knock You Out" is just plain old fun. Achievements really are full of win, especially when you're not expecting them and then they pop up with a funny name.

10) I openly admit I died in the fire on KT during our raid vacation week. This does not give a golden ticket to say "What'd Amava die from? Void Zone?" any time we wipe on KT now. I share brain dumps of whatever's on my WoW-mind, whether it be ego-stroking or things I think need improvement. My writing on a public blog shall not garner special treatment, either via ass kissery directed at the Loot Council (keep em coming ;-) or via my admitting to mistakes. Future abuses shall receive a thumping, and I'll warn ya, I've got the Knuckle Sandwich achievement!


Tholar said...

Hey man, try out BaudBag. It combines all your bags into one, and you can scale down the size a bit. My 28 slot quiver fits beautifully at the bottom.

Sydera said...

Meow meow?

I can haz revive pet now?

I suppose, since I am in cat form for the moment, I will take a cheeseburger too...