Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep moving your feet

Lacking inspiration to write a real post, but not wanting to let my annoyance at having to learn a new spec the day before a 3 Drakes progression run completely stop me in my tracks, here ya go:

1) The plan: I go MM, Brass goes SV. If one spec dominates, we both go there, if they're equal'ish, we probably stay split for different utility. SV seems to be DPS King according to the theorycrafters, by a big margin, but we'll still work this plan until that King is clear to us.

2) So far, MM is strange and awkward. Part of that is just getting acclimated to the new spec, part of that is because its strange and awkward. First observations: (A) Burst is fantastic. I've got 3 instants (Chimera, Arcane, and Aimed) for big bang. (B) Mana is gone instantly. Kill three trash mobs and OOM using the recommended rotation. (C) It doesnt matter, because if I take on three mobs, my pet is dead before the second mob dies.

Will reserve judgment until I see it in action in a raid setting.

3) Cooking. In a happy moment, today's daily rewarded a base of 2xDalaran, plus my spice bag had 1xDalaran, thus accelerating the Chef title by two days. Unless there's another happy ending to friday's daily, I'll be Chef Amava on saturday.

4) That's all I got. Still grumpy and pouty, but trying to learn from sites like Stabilized Effort Scope and ElitistJerks on how to be a Marksman.


Durgan said...

Completely unrelated, kind of, but I snagged my spirit beast (Akasha) last night. From what I've read and seen it doesn't appear to be a "top" dps pet and that I should probably respect out of BM to stay top DPS or near there but I just can't see myself stabling that beautiful creature already.

On a side note, I'll be watching this spot to see what you discover about MM vs SV. Shot rotation breakdown analysis, w/e is appreciated. EJ is good, but lots of people with misinformation or conjectures on there that don't really help very much.

For now I'll be sticking with BM so I can enjoy Loq. I think BM is still viable but the shot rotation has definitely changed and the TBW -> Readiness -> TBW change makes a big difference.

I had to tell you.

Later, still reading,


Loronar said...

It'll be nice to see what you think about MM. There's enough of us to go around in the blogging business to go to if you have any questions. :)

Good luck with the raids.