Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ask the readers: What's fastest?

Hypothetical situation....

Lets say you had three WoW accounts. Due to Recruit-a-Friend and some server transfers, you've got a slew of alts at various levels and with various professions.

Account #1 has a level 80 Hunter (herb/mining, naturally) with a fancy Gorilladin, level 59 Rogue (enchanting and nothing, kinda lockpicking) and a 57 Death Knight (no profs as yet).

Account #2 has a level 57 Paladin (Engineer and nothing).

Account #3 has a level 69 Shammy (herb/mining), 60 Druid (alchemy/inscription), and 57 Warrior (JC/BS)

Your goal for the alts is really only to level their professions, with aspirations of maybe playing one of them to level 80 based on which one you consider to (A) have the coolest name and (B) be most fun to play, and (C) professional daily quest requirements (can you do the JC daily if you're not 80?).

Grandmaster for crafting professions (above 375) requires level 70.

So, the stage is set. Now the question to the readers...

What'd be the fastest way to get as many of the toons up to 70 as possible?

Options can range from the simplest to the craziest...

1) Old School - Level each toon individually via questing, grinding, and PuGging instance runs when there's instance quests.

2) Boosting - Instances - Amava runs one or two other toons through Outlands instances. (Aside: This is actually pretty lucrative. A single, 32 minute run through Ramparts netted 120g in cloth, D/E'able greenies, vendor trash and blue BoP drops).

On the boosting option, I'd have to figure out what to do with the Rogue and DK that're on Amava's account, since there'd be no toon high level enough on the other accounts to boost them.

3) Multibox - Dual or Triple box low level toons and do quests. Would mostly be playing a single toon with one or two others in tow, looting quest items.

4) Boosting - Quests - Amava has two lil babies following her, but rather than the lucrative dungeon runs, it'd be boosting them through quests. This option suffers from the same drawback as the earlier Boosting option.

I think that's all I got. What did I miss?

Any ideas on what'd be fastest?

As it stands right now, my approach is mostly #2 Boosting Instances when there's rested XP on the toons and spare time on me. The thing I like best is how brainless it is. Questing requires me to read stuff. If I wanted to read, I'd go to school. Boosting requires me to solo an instance 10-20 levels below me, and make sure I press my /follow macro from time to time and the jump button to be non-AFK from time to time.

Brain Dead>>>Thoughtful&Challenging when I'm grinding levels

Anybody out there hit WotLK max level in a day or two have ideas on efficiency? Specifically on the 60-70 level range?


Morane said...

Just FYI my level 80 guildies ran me (level 66 at the time) through Slave Pens and Underbog ... I got zilch in terms of XP. Like one bubble.

Whereas two runs with a same level group through Citadel and one through Ramparts the night before took me all the way from 65 to 66.

Incidently how do you plan to boost without dual-boxing?

Tholar said...

Coming from a guy with 5 toons above 70 and 3 at 80, the fastest way I have leveled any of them is just grinding out quests, ignoring any and all instance pugs. You should have a general idea of what quests to do at the same time, in the same area. So you just gotta focus and do it. Just questhelper it and go nuts. Boring as hell, but you get a lot done.

Amava said...

@Morane: You're right. The boosting options would be dual or multi-boxing also.

I think in my mind I was considering the "boxing" ones where similar level toons played together, versus the others where I was using a high level toon to do boosting.

Both are actually me playing multiple toons on multiple accounts at the same time, thus would all qualify as multi-boxing.

@Tholar: uggy!!! I was hoping you had a magic wand that'd make me 70 :-)

Morane said...

Okay, I understand now. Then, in my opinion, the way the alternatives play out is as follows (assuming you dual box):

- Boosting with Amava would be the quickest way to get one character to 70.

- Dual-boxing two same level characters together will be the quickest way to get both to 70.

So option 1 gets you another level 70 quickest, at the expense of leaving the others behind. Option 2 is the quickest route to get two level 70's (cumulatively faster than doing two characters one after the other using option 1).

I generally agree with Tholar, questing is the way to go. As my previous comment indicates however you can pick up some serious XP/hour through instances that you outrank by 2-3 levels.

Valdesta said...

Get the addon Carbonite, it makes questing super easy.

I only have to read one in about 20 of the quests I pick up in order to figure out what I'm missing/doing wrong ;)

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