Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grieving and Irrational Karma

I hate to be Debbi Downer over here regarding real life, but the cosmic sense of irony is saddening.

I write a post about how our pets are cuddly and love getting heals.

Two days later, without warning, my sister's dog gets critically hit by a massive tumor and dies that very same day they discovered it, shortly before the clock dings 2009.


Yang to my yin of a call for healing?

This only a short month after my parents lost their dog as well.

And we're one of those irrational families who have completely inappropriate boundaries (*) with our pups, pretty much giving them free reign to run the household as they see fit, treating them like they're family members, including giving them logins to our bank accounts, PetSmart Online accounts, and Blizzard Authenticators so they can farm gold during the day, the true secret behind my Mini Van.

Unfortunately it wasn't a very happy new year's eve.

(*) and no, by "completely inappropriate" i don't mean "peanut butter on the sac", but rather an emotionally inappropriate boundary. shame on you for even thinking that one.

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yunkndatwunk said...

Sorry. We lost both our dogs in one year once. It sucks when it's sudden you can't even prepare.

Don't go see Marly and Me. I walked out 15 minutes before the end, they just drag it out so long I couldn't take it.