Wednesday, January 21, 2009

R.I.P. Beast Mastery

I predicted a roughly 15% DPS decrease due to the 3.0.8 nerf.

Tonight's Patchwerk kill would indicate that I was wrong.

Last week: 5.3K DPS

This week: 3.3K DPS

Decrease: 2.0K (38% decrease)

It was not a pretty sight at Amava's house :-(


Pike said...

I haven't experienced a DPS loss myself as 51/20/0 BM; but then again I never did hit more than 3600 on Patchwerk (I'm still in like 90% blues =P)

I haven't done any raiding tests though to confirm.

Morane said...

Ouch! What, if anything, can you do to claw back some of that?

Karl said...

The only real fix for raiding is speccing into Imp Arcane, and weaving or macroing that in. That should limit the loss to 15% or so..

otherwise, go Surv.

I'm staying Surv until we see what 3.1 brings or Blizz adjusts Surv.

Loronar said...

That is way more than expected... Assuming you didn't change anything in between the two raids, that is even more than any of the numbers I've seen.

Try re-glyphing and re-talenting your Marksmanship branch.