Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quicky-Butter Jelly Time

Sorry for the title, sometimes "inspired" and "twisted" get mixed up in my head.


1) Do not Misdirect Explosive Shot in a raid setting. You'll pull aggro via the dots a fraction of a second after the mob appears to be headed over to your tank/MD target.

2) Beast Mastery still has a place. Banging through the Northrend dungeons for "The Elder" title, no tanks around. Send one of the hunters to respec BM, go fully into talents that boost pet survivability (not DPS). Bubbles can handle just about anything normal mode dungeons have to offer. Challenging, because real tanks do lots of fancy stuff us DPS'ers never really see or appreciate, but a Gorilla can serve in a pinch.

3) Watching your favorite hunter discover #1 on the fly, that's just pure entertainment. Especially when the team is on-the-ball and successfully adjusts and the fight continues on.

4) Long live T5 two-piece bonus (see #2). Quite frankly the single most useful two gear items a Hunter can acquire. Definitely worth going back to SSC for, and maybe fishing up Lurker for an achievement while you're in there.

5) Getting two titles in the same day is confusing. Which one do you wear? I've been longing for Chef Amava, but Elder Amava is in style for the next couple weeks, especially when the uber gf smugly points out a mysterious and unwelcome grey hair that seemed to sneak its way onto my head. Already?

6) Bored people in WoW need to find something else to do.

7) While BM still has a place, that place is clearly not the damage meters. We bring in a tank for the last run. Prot Pally showed us what real damage looks like. Well, truthfully, the SV hunter with us showed what REAL damage looks like. /sigh. Granted, I was spec fully for sturdy pet, but I digress.

8) One sign that you're bored in WoW, and therefore need to find something else to do....jumping into the fountain in Dalaran to block fishermen from clicking their bobbers. Seriously? /shoo

9) Until I get my hands on Surge Needle Ring, my +hit rating is gonna continue to dictate and consume every single gem I bring into battle. If I level another toon high enough to kill Worgs, I just might need to make that guy a skinner, and go farm the hell out of worg haunches. Then I can eat Worg Tartare (+40 hit), regem to be 40 points below hit-cap, and claim more fortunes on the leather market.

10) WTF is up with Eternals and Crystallizeds on Ner'zhul? No matter how low I price them, they barely move on AH. Various stack sizes, various times of day/week, various forms (eternal/crystal), various elements (air, fire, earth...). Fire sells, but is rare when gathering. Shadow sells, sometimes. Life and Earth? I'm running out of bank space for stacks of these puppies.

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Karl said...

Yeah, the eternals market... only fire is selling on Staghelm, and that keeps getting undercut.

All the 12-year olds farming all day need a lesson in economics.. sigh..