Monday, January 26, 2009

On a totally separate note...

.....Lock and Load is pretty frikin sweet. I'm a big fan of getting insta-boom no-cooldown Explosive Shots. A big fan!

It confused me at first. I be like...."i just fired the damn shot, why is it not on cooldown? did it not go?"

See, what happened was I respeced like 5 minutes into the raid, and then got summoned back into OS to start on the boss. Took a cookiecutter build off of EJ, and had zero time to figure out what the hell all these goodies are all about.

Then, during a break while everybody logged out to preserve their flasks (cheap bastards, 6 gd minutes and you gotta log out?), I take a gander over to the talent page and see the lovely LnL.

So, maybe the new performance plan is "read the damn talent tooltips, lol".

What about the title?

Well, the content of this article is exactly the same topic and drivel that's been coming out of this blog for a week, or maybe even a year and a half, isnt it?

Well, the "separate note" is "positivity".

See, I can haz a positive outlook, even amongst the funk and pouting of the nerf bat.

I must be getting soft or something, or maybe its the third Sugar Free Amp Energy Drink I've had this afternoon.

Seriously though, this stuff is no joke. Two cans is like crack, only without the vitamin B. Three cans, and its like you're in a parallel dimension where there is no donuts and no WoW. The Horror.

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