Friday, January 23, 2009

It keeps getting sillier and sillier

Yeah, yet another day of writing a post, having things totally change between time of writing and time of posting, and then just deciding to wing it and brain dump here.

1) MM spec lasted about 4 minutes into the raid. When Brass and I came up with the plan for him to go SV and me to go MM, we pretty quickly saw the theorycrafters touting that SV is about 1k dps higher than MM. But we wanted to try it out anyways.

2) No dice. Half way through the trash in OS25+3, I asked for a portal to Ironforge. Welcome to the world of SV.

3) Worked for 2 hours on Sartharion plus three Drakes. This fight remains the coolest in the game so far.

4) However it is not cool when a patch alters what setting of spell detail video configuration is required to see the fissures (fire on ground, bad to die in). While I wasn't the only one to die due to the issue, I was the first, which when combined with a shaky start and a respec, is nerve wracking.

5) Set spell detail to a mid setting. Death and Decay is nearly impossible to discern from fissure, so just pretend DnD is fire also and run out of it.

6) We're consistently around 20 seconds away from having the three drakes fight under out belts. Make it past that next 20 seconds and the complexity and awful debuffs reduce considerably. We're gonna do it. Soon.

7) SV performed outstanding. Sarth plus drakes remains terrible for Hunters, so Iwon't really comment there. Archavon after the raid. Brass posted 5.2K DPS which f'ing rules. I put up a healthy 4.2K, which I am very happy for, considering I am completely unfamiliar with the spec and rotation and such.

8) More to come about my progress as a Survival Hunter!

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