Thursday, January 8, 2009

It feels good to be alive (at the end of a boss fight)

The funk of dying in the fire is hard to shed. At least for a stubborn mule like me.

So there's been this tiny little storm cloud floating over my head during the raid or two since then.

And getting one-shot by a Mind Controlled mage during a recent KT kill didn't help the situation much either.

Drakes Up, Up, and Away

Went into Heroic Obsidian Sanctum with plans to attempt Sartharion plus two Drakes.

Wiped 10-ish times.

The fight is all about survivability through a variety of effects. Fire on the ground. Fire walls passing by. Enraged fire elementals. Fire breath. On and on with the dangerous environment.

For a Beast Master Hunter, this fight is awful. There's so many things that can kill your pet nearly instantly. And you need to maneuver your pet constantly through the fight, so your DPS is going to take a big hit.

As a result, on the last attempt of the night, having both Amava and Princess Vespa alive and well, was sweet sweet joy.

TIP: Recall your pet during each and every Flame Wall. Even if Bestial Wrath is active at the time. Your pet will be big and red and dead if you don't.

So, for a fragile ego trying to recover from an untimely death, nothing compares to living through a progression kill in a very survival-intensive fight.

Malygos, Two Shots, Two Kills

The Conquest 25-person raid team paid Malygos a visit two nights in a row.

Both attempts were one-shot kills.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 are very challenging (at least for me) survival fights.

Phase 2 has you pouring out the pew pew while trying to remain safe under continuously moving shield bubbles. Phase 3 has you trying to fight the visual vertigo and survive on your stupid dragon vehicle mount.

Living through to the end of both kills is another shot to bolster the suffering ego.

Daddy's Back!

Its good to be back.

I'll keep saying my mantra "I will not die in the fire" 100 times daily for the foreseeable future, but it sure feels good to know that it was just a temporary thing and not a permanent brain fart.

Though, my brain is gassy and I'm sure we'll be back in Storm Cloudsville someday.

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