Thursday, January 8, 2009

The difference in satisfaction between hard and easy

I'm not gonna get into a debate of "is wotlk too easy" because that's subjective (easy or not? if easy, what's "too" easy mean?, yadda yadda yadda).

However, tuesday nights raid showed us two extremes of the spectrum.


Sartharion with two Drakes.

Our first night working on two drakes. Wiped for about an hour and a half.

Made small incremental changes between wipes. The biggest factor probably ended up being the whole team gaining an awareness of how to handle the transitions from one portion of the fight to the next.

Hard? Sure, lets call it hard.

Fun. Interesting. Challenging. Really felt like progression.



Although a one-shot, and the second one-shot in two nights, I'm not ready to call this one easy.

Phase 1 is getting easy through repetition and because the spark handlers are getting better at stacking sparks.

Phase 2 is not getting easier in my mind, as the survivability aspect and targeting of new mobs remains intense.

Phase 3 still sucks donkey balls, but does require lots of mental focus.

Medium difficulty level. Kinda farmable, but not lacking challenge.


After taking Sarth and Maly down, we had 30 minutes left in our raid schedule.

Head on over to Naxx.

Pissed on the Spider Wing in 17 minutes.

And dinged a few "inevitable" achievements along the way. One for Farina without dispelling frenzy, and another for clearing spider wing in less than 20 minutes I think. Might have also been one other tucked in there, I dunno, we were moving so fast it was tough to tell.

Faerlina boss. I use the term "boss" lightly. Sure, she dropped some epics and emblem of valor.

But it was like a trash pull. One tank peeled boss from the pack, other two tanks grabbed all the adds. We AoE'd them all down, and then burned Farina into the ground.

No fuss what-so-ever.

How did the satisfaction level vary?

Lets start from the top:

Hard - Outstanding. Challenging progression kill feels awesome. Tap danced around the room. Called the uber gf and sang "daddy's back" to the tune of "shady's back". Yes, I take this game too far, kthxbai.

Medium - Feels good. I find P2 and P3 of Malygos to be so taxing, just being alive is nice.

Easy - Amusement factor was high, no doubt. Dinging some achievements brought some smiles. But what about next week when we repeat the performance but no achievements left? Well, at least we can farm those last few pieces of gear efficiently, which is nice.

Bottom Line

Easy vs Hard is totally relative, so lets not go there.

We're dealing with a pretty Hardcore bunch of folks who are now very familiar with the trash pulls, the boss encounters, and the navigation through the instances, and we're all pretty well geared (hey, I dinged Epic! last night, but only via cheating and equipping one trinket in a trink slot and then moving it to the other trink slot, but whatever).

But I can attest to the fact that the harder it is, the more satisfying it feels.

that's what she said

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